Solidarity campaign for the children of Palestine

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The teachers of PAME, participating in a really important initiative, are organizing a solidarity campaign for the children of Palestine, trying to gather money, notebooks and stationary. Using as a trademark a poster with the moving photos of a little girl searching under the ruins of her own house for books and notebooks, on the basis of a part of the famous Picasso painting “Guernica”, along with an announcement, PAME is spreading the content of this campaign to the schools of our country. It is addressing to teachers and students, with the announcement below:

Dear colleagues and students,

Do you remember the photo of a little girl, who was searching under the ruins of her own house to find her book, after the bombings. This image was released a few days ago and is worth a thousand words.

Palestine Girl

The inhumanity, the barbarity, the imperialistic atrocity do not stop. So far, 565 students have lost their lives, at least 3.000 of them were injured and 277 schools were completely destroyed. Israel, the EU and NATO bath the people of Palestine in blood. The greek government is on the side of the murderous government of Israel. It signs with Israel military cooperation agreements. It is an accomplice.

Only the global solidarity of the people is capable of stopping the murderous hand of the imperialists. One for all and all for one!

Solidarity with the struggle of the peoples now

We invite all the teachers and the students to make every school, every neighborhood a  solidarity base for the children and the people of Palestine.

We invite all the teachers, the associations and the unions of secondary education teachers to respond to this solidarity campaign, which is taking place on the initiative of the WFTU(World Federation of Trade Unions), of the FISE(World Federation of Teachers Unions), in cooperation with the General Union of the Palestinian Workers.

         We are gathering notebooks, pencils, erasers, stationary etc. at schools, at the establishments of the unions and associations and we are sending them to the General Unions of Palestinian Workers(address of receipt: 19, Omiridou Skilitsi, 18531, Work Place of Piraeus, with the label “For the General Union of Palestinian Workers”, tel.: 6977 934 674- 6979 928 697). A representation of the organizational committee  of the solidarity campaign is going to go to Palestine in order to deliver the gathered supplies.

         We are discussing with our students about the real causes of the unfair war against the people of Palestine, about the fair struggle of the Palestinians for a homeland against the occupation and intrusion of Israel, for the right of peoples to fight against their oppressors with all means.

         We are organizing painting exhibitions, concerts, protests and other activities.

         We are gathering money and we are depositing on the solidarity account 120-002101-207975(Alpha Bank).

The imperialists redistribute the Earth, they lay down the borders with the blood of peoples

The war clouds over our neighborhood are becoming dangerously thick. In order to get over their crisis, to save and increase their profits, the monopolies do not hesitate to bath peoples in blood. This is an old, tried and tested recipe. Today, in Palestine, in Ukraine, in Iraq, yesterday, in Yugoslavia, in Afghanistan etc. Where is this going to take place tomorrow? The enemy is always the same.

Unity against the monopolies and the imperialist organizations NATO and EU, who murder people, now. We should stand up!

Take a stand.

No subjugation to the imperialism, the only superpower is the peoples!