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Solidarity Campaign: “A notebook for the children of Palestine”. PRESS RELEASE

The W.F.T.U. (World Federation of Trade Unions) the F.I.S.E. (World Federation of Teachers’ Unions) and the General Union of Palestinian Workers welcome all the Associations of Primary Education, the Teachers’ Unions of Secondary Education, the Teachers’ Unions of Private Education, as well as the dozens of massive organizations, that participate in the initiative “A notebook for the children of Palestine” and invite them to participate in the press conference on Friday, the 17th of October at 18.30, when we are going to deliver the first part of the aide, which was gathered by the unions.
Palestine Girl




The press conference is going to be held at the ship-repair yard of Perama, where from 10 to 19 October 2014, the visual arts and photography exhibition entitled “Man, Colour and Iron 8” is going to take place for the 8th consecutive year. On the last day of the exhibition, we are going to carry through a great solidarity concert for the Palestinian People. Continue reading

Solidarity campaign for the children of Palestine

pame-education LOGO aggliko OLO
The teachers of PAME, participating in a really important initiative, are organizing a solidarity campaign for the children of Palestine, trying to gather money, notebooks and stationary. Using as a trademark a poster with the moving photos of a little girl searching under the ruins of her own house for books and notebooks, on the basis of a part of the famous Picasso painting “Guernica”, along with an announcement, PAME is spreading the content of this campaign to the schools of our country. It is addressing to teachers and students, with the announcement below:

Dear colleagues and students,

Do you remember the photo of a little girl, who was searching under the ruins of her own house to find her book, after the bombings. This image was released a few days ago and is worth a thousand words.

Palestine Girl

The inhumanity, the barbarity, the imperialistic atrocity do not stop. So far, 565 students have lost their lives, at least 3.000 of them were injured and 277 schools were completely destroyed. Israel, the EU and NATO bath the people of Palestine in blood. The greek government is on the side of the murderous government of Israel. It signs with Israel military cooperation agreements. It is an accomplice. Continue reading

Solidarity of the working class with the people of Palestine

To the Executive Secretary of  PAME                                                             30-7-2014

Gaza3The Secretary of FISE congratulate the initiative of PAME in Greece to compose a common announce with the trade unions of Europe to express the solidarity of the working class with the people of Palestine.

It condemns the Israeli attacks, as well as the trade unions that try to hide their implicit support to the imperial forces and to the Israeli government, with the policy of equal distances.P

We cosign the document of PAME and we invite all the class-oriented teachers’ unions, all of our comrades who work in the sector of education globally to support this initiative and to multiply the forms of solidarity.


Regional Trade Unions and Federations To The Embassy of Israel



WP_20140711_008The state of Israel is escalating its criminal attack at the expense of the Palestinian people. In the recent air raids of Israel in Gaza strip, more than 100 unarmed Palestinians were killed and dozens were injured. At the same time, the government of Israel has mobilised 40.000 Israeli reservists, opening the way to a land attack against the people of Palestine, with incalculable consequences.
WP_20140711_004The escalation of the criminal action of the Israeli state against the people of Palestine is being encouraged by the policy  of the EU and of the USA, who equate the perpetrators and the victims, and upgrade the political, financial and military relations between EU and Israel.
The FISE expresses the solidarity of the employees in the sector of education from all over the world, with the people of Palestine and with their just request for the creation of an independent Palestinian state, with the same boarders occupied by them until 1967 and with East Jerusalem as the capital. Continue reading

Greetings from the Palestinian delegation in FISE Conference

To all members of the Conference
Congratulate you and pleasure at the end of the World Federation FISE, which was held in Brussels from 28-29 / October / 2013 and thank you for welcoming our union representative from Palestine and thank your solidarity with Palestine teachers and workers and the people of Palestine. We hope that this conference that the decisions are applied Continue reading



DSCF22801- The General Federation visit to a site next to the apartheid wall in one of the villages of Jenin and work to help the people in the olive harvest threatened with confiscation by the Israeli army as a result of its proximity to the separation wall that Israel is building onPalestinian land.

2- Big labor meeting in Tulkarem – Palestine
On the occasion of the World Labor Day, October 3 2013 convening of the General Union of Palestine Workers for a large labor meeting in Tulkarm and was attended by about 40 workers and representatives of the social partners Palestinians.  Continue reading

Violation of Palestinians’ Human Rights and Trade Union Liberties by the State of Israel

The World Federation of Trade Unions addresses to the international community in order to inform that on June 13 2013, the Israeli occupation forces arrested comrade trade unionist Hussein Agrabesh, Deputy General Secretary of the General Union of Palestinian Workers, on his way home after attending the 102nd International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Continue reading