Support message to teachers’ strike in Holland

The World Federation of Teachers’ Unions of WFTU, expresses its support to teachers in Holland who last week held a strike in about 7,000 primary schools in the country and tens of thousands demonstrated in The Hague. They demand pay rises in their salaries and recruitment to reduce the heavy workload and so that the classes would have fewer children. The government has promised €500 million of financial support, but the trade unions (AOB, CNV, PO-raad) have highlighted that another €900 million is needed for salaries and € 500 million for hiring the necessary staff, that means in total €1,4 billion.



Τhe educator is the lover of the human excellence, who with love and faith sees in the young souls the possibility of a better humanity and puts himself fully at the service of its creation, finding in it the deepest satisfaction of his being.
We keep walking in the same path…

3rd October 2017: WFTU’s Action Day for Refugees and Immigrants

A delegation of FISE and WFTU visited a refugees’ camp in Greece and they were briefed on the problems of education faced by the refugee students from Syria.

They distributed balls and notebooks to the  refugee children and promised to go on highlighting their problems  and to strengthen the resistance to the causes that give birth to refugees and immigration, the resistance to imperialism and to those who serve it.

In The Greek Islands Teachers Are Stacked In Expensive Rooms Or Have To Sleep On The Beach !

A mobilization of 70 primary school teachers’ trade unions for the problems of the thousands of supply teachers, for the needs of schools, took place in the major cities of Greece on Friday, 29/9/2017. The teachers have highlighted the real picture that they and the schoolchildren face, as September ends, denouncing the measures that are reducing educational rights, demanding human conditions and rights for the thousands of supply teachers who have been crossing the whole country for up to 16 years, who worry about when and where they will get employed.

The Delegation of the Primary Education Associations and ELME met with the Deputy General Secretary of the Ministry of Education with no specific commitment from his part to the mobilization’s demands. The teachers, the permanent and the supply ones, at the end of the protest, called for organization and continuation of the struggle. The banner of the National Secretariat of Teachers of PAME wrote: “There is no compromise with the shortcomings – gaps – underfunding. Massive permanent appointments that meet our needs. We do not put our children’s educational rights to the government- EU’s cutter.”

INVITATION: 18th congress of FISE




Dear comrades, the 18th congress of FISE will take place in Mexico City, on 4th and 5th of March. We kindly request you to reaffirm your participation and to send it to us as soon as possible to the following e-mails:  and

The subjects to be discussed are important for all teachers’ unions as well as for the development of struggles in favor of the education and workers. The agenda of the proceedings is going to be sent to you shortly.

Sri Lanka: September 21st strike

Dear comrades

Today the 21st of September here in Sri Lanka we had a joint strike in education and health sectors.
This was against the privertisation of health and education.
The main slogan is to Abolish SAITM (Sauth Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine). SAITM is a private medical college which is established ilegally in 2009 and yet to get the approval of the Sri Lanka Medical Council. And last week General Medical Council of England blacklisted the SAITM.
There’s a long struggle  by Medical students and other university students , government doctors , trade unions ,political parties and other mass organizations demanding to abolish it.
There were lots of strikes by doctors and lots of joint demonstrations but the government is still failed to give a solution.
Today’s strike was very much successful and lots of schools were almost closed. More than 60% of teachers joined with the action.
The stiking unions urged to continue the struggle untill the government abolish the SAITM.

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