May Day 2018: With Internationalism and Solidarity

May Day 2018: With Internationalism and Solidarity!!


The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) in the name of its more than 92 million affiliates all over the world salutes, on the occasion of this great day, all the workers who live, work and struggle in every corner of the world. May Day was, is and will be a beacon for the struggles of yesterday and tomorrow despite our enemies’ efforts. May Day has to be a message of resistance against bourgeoisie, imperialists and their international alliances’ policies.
At the same time, the workers’ blood which was shed in Chicago on 1886 reminds us of our duty today; it reminds us that nothing is given for free; every right or freedom that was conquered by our class has been won through sacrifices, conflicts and organized struggles.
Today, whilst technology and scientific progress have contributed to the increase of the produced social wealth, our class’ living conditions have been deteriorating. In every capitalist country, the bosses attack our class achievements: they are sweeping through salaries, pensions and social security; they are privatizing everything, they don’t hesitate to attack even the sacred right to strike! Strike is the most powerful weapon we have in our hands and we are not going to allow anyone to limit, confine or convert it to a dead letter!
At the same time, they are intensively preparing and conducting regional wars.They pave the way for new massacres that will maximize their profits, for new imperialist interventions that will destroy nations, spill peoples’ blood and deprive them of their natural resources. The ongoing imperialist intervention in Libya and Syria, the growing aggression against Venezuela, the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the massacre of Saudi Arabia against Yemen, the tension on the Korean peninsula, they are all indications that multinationals have smelled new profitability areas; and every time this goes through the dead bodies of workers.
Under the current conditions of the deep economic crisis of capitalism and intense competition among various imperialist centers to control new markets, our most powerful weapons are INTERNATIONALISM and SOLIDARITY. No worker must feel alone. All together, we must move on with Solidarity and Internationalism, building the Unity of the working class to give practical effect to Karl Marx’s motto “proletarians of all countries unite”.
In this context, and on this anniversary, the WFTU expresses its solidarity with our persecuted brothers, the immigrants and refugees, who either because of imperialists’ bullets or because of poverty and misery generated by this system, are forced to leave their homeland. The WFTU will continue to be on their side, fighting for a world without exploitation and refugees. Immigrants must become an integral part of unions, unite with local workers and fight together for wages, rights, against wars and interventions.
We join our voice with the heroic Palestinian people in order to gain their own independent and democratic homeland.
At the same time, we stand by the side of the struggling female worker, the one who suffers from double exploitation. The WFTU female members, at the recent World Women’s Congress in Panama, declared loud and clear that they want equal rights to work, society and life. The WFTU also fights and will continue to fight for this equality. It’s the same orientation that we follow for the the youngsters, as the new generation of workers have the task to honor the best May Day struggle traditions.
This year, the WFTU, by giving its hand to anyone who has stood up, has announced the year of trade union education and training. Our purpose is that the new shifts of workers be insubordinate, militant, enemies of class compromise and collaboration. We honor the year of trade union training and we call on every union to contribute to the militant truth, revealing the true meaning of May Day and the sacrifices the working class made for it. By rescuing the past, the very memory of our movement, we leave a legacy for tomorrow’s struggles and we also have a tool for the future. It is a duty to know the history of our movement.
The WFTU takes steps forward, strengthens and grows: and that’s what frightens our opponents. There is no other way than to make it present everywhere, in every corner of the world, so that there is no longer a hungry, dismissed, hunted or persecuted worker. The WFTU must be a “trench” of struggle for a future without exploitation of man by man. This is how the vision of the first Secretary General of the WFTU, Luis Saillant, envisioned in 1945 will be brought to life: “The WFTU for the workers of the whole world!”
The Secretariat

FISE denounces the assault on the anti-imperialist mobilization of the youth.


FISE denounces the assault on the anti-imperialist mobilization of the youth.

The FISE, World Federation of Teachers’ Unions, affiliated to WFTU denounces the assault on the anti-imperialist mobilization of the youth.

Under the command of the Greek  government  (SYRIZA-ANEL), the forces of Riot Police attacked with bats, chemicals, tear gas and flash grenades against the mobilization. In fact, the forces of repression, hit with murderous blows and sent three protesters to the hospital, even came to the point and kidnapped 3 students who participated in the mobilization.

The SYRIZA-ANEL Government surrenders Greek land and seas to the imperialists to murder peoples, and at the same time it attacks violently against the youth movement that opposes imperialist plans.

We demand Greece outside the crime of the imperialists

Long live the anti-imperialist struggle of the youth in all over the world! 

THE SECRETARIAT Continue reading

The Imperialists bombarded Syria

14 Apr 2018


Today early in the morning, 04.00 local time, the governments of USA, Great Britain and France bombarded the people of Syria, setting on fire the Southeastern Mediterranean Region. By using fabricated charges and excuses they want to redistribute the natural resources, the energy routes and the spheres of influence.

FISE condemns the attack on the state of Syria that breaks the rules of any international law, we call the workers of the world, the class oriented trade unions , the affiliates and friends of FISE to unite their voices against the imperialistic interventions, the inter-imperialistic antagonisms, to show by any means their solidarity to the people of Syria.

We call the workers of the world to organise their struggle against NATO, EU and their allies, to be on guard against the plans of the governments of the imperialistic states that bloodshed the peoples for the profits of their monopolies.

With internationalism and international solidarity to uncover the Imperialists and the dangers that the imperialistic wars are creating. We assure the working class of Syria that we will stand on their side.

For the international class oriented trade union movement the people of Syria is the only responsible to decide freely and democratically for its own present and future and not the imperialists.

The Secretariat

Oklahoma Teachers Set Strike Deadline April 2

Oklahoma Teachers Set Strike Deadline April 2


by Joseph Hancock, Editor

On the heels of the recent victory of the heroic teachers in West Virginia, and the momentum of the movement against gun violence which has united teachers and students nationally in a fresh movement for quality public education, Oklahoma teachers will be walking out on strike April 2 because, despite the historic down payment made by lawmakers this week, politicians have already gone back on their promises and have begun dismantling the funding. The current salary for teachers in Oklahoma is one of the lowest in the nation with a starting salary of Beginning Teacher Salary: $31,919. Teachers have not had a raise in ten years and are asking for a raise of $10,000. The state has offered only a $6,000 increase which does not keep up with living expenses. Oklahomans from all political stripes and from every corner of this state don’t trust their own legislators to fix the problems facing our students. Political stunts like these and years of irresponsible budgeting and broken promises got oil rich state into this crisis. Lawmakers must begin restoring trust with teachers and students by keeping their word. They can end this strike immediately teachers can get back to their classrooms and their students if the Legislature does the following:

  • Fix House Bill 1010xx

Lawmakers must replace the $50 million hole created by the repeal of the hotel/motel tax.

  • Pass the “ball and dice” legislation

Right now, $22 million in revenue is being held hostage in the senate. Passage of HB1013xx is a crucial piece of the historic down payment the legislature promised.

  • Pass additional revenue to restore the cuts to Oklahoma classrooms.

*Facts and photos courtesy of Oklahoma Education Association websites: STAND WITH TEACHERS OKLAHOMA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION

Lawmakers have left significant funding on the table — funding that has bipartisan support but is being held up for political reasons. They could pass that revenue today to lower class sizes, invest more in our support professionals and restore classes like art, music and AP courses.  Continue reading