Solidarity with Ahed Tamimi and all the Palestinian political prisoners

Dear colleagues, WFTU members and friends,
The Working Youth Committee of the WFTU strongly condemns the state of Israel for arresting and imprisoning of Ahed Tamimi, a 16-year-old Palestinian girl, because she resists against the Israeli occupation of her homeland. The Working Youth Committee will never accept the silencing of the struggling young people.
We demand the immediate release of Ahed Tamimi and all the Palestinian political prisoners without terms or conditions.
The WYC calls on the young workers all over the world to take pictures on groups with the attached banner in their own cities.
Please send the photos in the emails below:
In Unity, Solidarity, and Comradeship,
Labor United for Class Struggle

Honorary Teachers Federation Of India Supports MPASS

Madhya Pradesh Para Teachers Strike.
MP Para Teachers gave ultimatum and made themselves bald head. The ATITHI SHIKSHAKS who were on strike for last two days at SHAHJANI PARK in Bhopal (MP). They withdrew there strike and warned the state government after passing 72 hours strike. They gave an ultimatum to the government  in which they warned the government to fulfil all demands of para teachers. Incase of non accepting their just demands, the Para Teachers again starts their movement from BBOODNI, the native place of Honourable CHIEF MINISTER’.Rally will be organised all over the state. LEKH RANJAN B.PATRO, Generalising of Honorary Teachers Federation Of India made this Press Release.  Generalissimo PATRO said that Para Teachers,  Pre School Teachers,and ASHAS participated in strike with enthusiasm. The Para Teachers of Madhav Pradesh displayed their wrath by making themselves bald head. they protested the policies of government which dragged them on footpath.
The opposition leader Away Singh reached the spot and addressed the ATITHI SHIKSHAKS. Mr. Singh said that if they will form government, they will regularise the STITHIANS SHIKSHAKS and provide all facilities to Para Teachers,  Pre School Teachers. The ASHAS will also be benefitted as much as possible. Generalissimo PATRO showed deep sympathy to the struggle of suppressed teachers.In this freezing cold time.  ASHAS continued their strike which carries historic importance. The Para Teachers made themselves half nude to show protest but none of them government representative came and talked.. By the evening the Para Teachers started begging alms on road. Honorary Teachers Federation Of India criticises the government.
Central Committee
Honorary Teachers Federation Of India (HTFI)

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FISE for the Palestinian pupils

The World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE,expressed to the Palestinian settlement in Athens and to the Palestinian pupils living in Greece, on Saturday 16-12-2017, its solidarity with the Palestinian people and its condemnation of the US President Trump’s statements about Jerusalem being the capital of Israel, as well as of all the imperialists who support the murderous government of Israel.

The union was attended by unionists teachers from the Teachers’ Associations “G. SEFERIS” and “M Papamavros” who conveyed a resolution of support, while, in addition to the resolution, FISE donated as a souvenir the book called:

“Historical contradictions Auschwitz -Israel -Palestine”

Εl Sabádo  (16/12/2017) en la oficina de los Palestinos residentes forasteros tuvo lugar un encuentro entre el Confederación Mundial de los Sindicatos del Profesores   (FISE), los sindicatos  del profesores  «G.Seferis» y «M.Papamavros» , los alumnos palestinos que viven en Grecia y los palestinos residentes de Grecia .

En este  encuentro  FISE y otros sindicatos exrpesaron su solidaridad al pueblo palestino y condenaron el americano  presidente Donald Trump por la declaración de Jerusalim como capital del estado de Israel y  los imperialistas  que apoyan el assesino gobierno israelí.

FISE etregó  un Resolución  de Apoyo  a los palestinos y regaló un libro conmemorativo  con el titulo « Contradicciónes Historicas;  Αuschwitz,Israel,Palestina »



The World Federation of Teachers Union, affiliated member of WFTU denounces the USA’s decision to declare Jerusalem as “the capital of Israel” and to transfer there their embassy from Tel Aviv. The decision of Trump’s government affects all the peoples in the region and paves the way for a new imperialist crime.

The new provocative action of Trump is part of the overall plans of the US government to control the energy sources, the market shares and the roads of goods transport in the region of the Middle East and Persian Gulf. That is why they are continuing with a plan to promote war conflicts and changes of the borders.

The EU has also enormous responsibilities for the crime against the Palestinian people by the state-killer of Israel, which is constantly upgrading its relations with Israel and identifies the perpetrator with the victim, proclaiming as “terrorism” the fair struggle of the people of Palestine.

FISE decisively condemns the torture of an entire people, the violence exercised by the State of Israel with the thousands of political prisoners, the construction of the wall of Shame, the settlements and the continued occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Stop immediately the criminality at the expense of the Palestinian people!

We support, we strengthen the solidarity in the struggle of the Palestinian people to create their own independent and sovereign state, on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the capital.

We respond to the WFTU’s call for a