About the Developments in Turkey

Athens 21/8/16

PRESS RELEASE:   About the Developments in Turkey


                    The World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, member of WFTU, condemns the bomb attack on Saturday 20/8/2016 at a wedding in Gaziantep, Turkey that resulted in 51 people killed and 69 others wounded and it sends its condolences to the families of the victims.
FISE is watching with attention and concern the developments in Turkey after the attempted coup on 15.7.2016 and the measures that have followed. Like for example the cancellation of working permits of 27.424 workers in the education sector and the prohibition to work again in the public or private education.

These developments are the result of the rivalries among the imperialist forces in the region that are also expressed within Turkey. It becomes obvious to all peoples that the participation of a country in the predatory alliance EU – NATO cannot provide any security.
The Justice and Development Party (AKP)of Erdogan, presented as the “protector of the Republic” after the coup, during the entire previous period has been escalating the repression, authoritarianism, the attack on workers’ and people’s rights and freedoms. They imprisoned militant workers, unionists. The fact is that the bourgeoisie of Turkey and the parties that serve it will take advantage of the developments to reinforce the attack on the people and the workers. The workers and teachers in Turkey must be on alert and vigilant.
At the same time it is extremely dangerous for the workers and the trade union movement, the effort of trade unions, such as the ITUC to intervene in the developments serving the purpose of the imperialist centres. Once again the ITUC remains silent on the pursuits of the US -NATO-EU in the region, promoting in this way their own agenda.
The workers of each country can now draw conclusions from their experience. The participation in imperialist competitions, the interventions and wars go along with the escalation of the attack on wages, social security, trade union rights and freedoms in each country.
Faced with these developments, the teachers, the workers, the unions have to organize their resistance, to protect the rights and lives of workers. They have to strengthen the struggle against the imperialist organizations and their plans.

About the loss of young pupils at the unguarded train crossing in India

Uttar Pradesh

The World Trade Union Federation FISE, member of the WFTU, expresses its deep grief for the unfair loss of the young pupils at the unguarded train crossing in Uttar Pradesh, India .
It also expresses its condolences to the parents and the relatives of all the victims.
FISE demands the competent authorities to take protective measures to stop such accidents.
At the time when science and technology have tremendous growth, it is flagrant injustice against the people not to have elementary safety measures. It is a criminal act the fact that money are given to capital for investments and not for the needs of the people.

The Secretariat  

Meeting with the African Office of WFTU


A meeting with the African Office of WFTU took in place in Athens, on Tuesday 19/07/2016.
During the meeting there was a briefing about the activity of FISE and  a discussion about the success of the 17th Congress of the WFTU and the strengthening of FISE.

We condemn the murderous attack in Nice, France

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The World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, condemns the new murderous attack which resulted in dozens of dead and hundreds of injured people, in Nice, in France and expresses its deepest condolences to the families of the victims and to the French people.
We denounce and we hold responsible the economic and political forces that support the intensification of the imperialist competitions, interventions and wars. The governments that met in Warsaw and decided together the reinforcement of the NATO and the strengthening of the military interventions in the Middle East.
 The trade unions around the world have the obligation to condemn the imperialist interventions. To draw conclusions about the attitude of the ITUC, the SES, the IE that support the imperialists. On the one hand they condemn the executioners and on the other hand they declare allegiance to the forces that put the weapons in the hands of them who spread the death.
     FISE, together with the WFTU will continue the struggle against imperialist attacks which spread the death, they remove working rights, insurance, social rights, they strengthen the terrorism, the xenophobia, the racism.

We continue the fight against terrorism, against the imperialist forces that arm the terrorists.


To pay immediately the workers in Zimbabwe



FISE, the World Federation of Teachers Union, member of WFTU, is strongly protesting against the situation experienced by the unpaid teachers and other workers in Zimbabwe, who have been on strike for several days claiming back what they have earned.

It invites the government to satisfy the demands of the teachers and pay the wages immediately to all workers. It demands that the terrorism and the violence against the strikers, unleashed by the police, stop. All workers around the world have the right to meet their needs and to be paid promptly and satisfactorily. No government, no employer is justified to deprive money and rights from the workers. We send a solidarity message to the teachers, the doctors and all workers who are demonstrating.


Zimbabwe: teachers and doctors strike over unpaid wages

Zimbabwe police are seen in Harare on July 4, 2016, during clashes with public transport drivers. (AFP)

In Zimbabwe, teachers, doctors and nurses began a strike Tuesday over unpaid salaries, a strike that could continue for several coming days.

Reacting to developments, acting Labor Minister said the state was ready to talk to workers about their demands.

The administration of President Robert Mugabe has said it will pay nurses and doctors their June salaries on July 14 and the teachers on July 7. The government has also delayed paying the June salaries of the security services and military personnel by two weeks.

The strike action comes a day after police used force against protesting taxi drivers in Harare. The Monday protests were the first to turn violent since 2005. Continue reading

The organized movement against racism and state violence

FISE, the World Federation of Teachers Union, Member of WFTU, condemns the rise of neo-fascism, the Ku – Klux – Klan, the racism and the xenophobia in the US, the systematic police violence as well as the provocative executions of policemen by snipers.
The massive movement struggles against the one-way street of capitalist barbarity and the exploitation of man by man and has nothing to do with provocative actions, like the one in Dallas, actions that cultivate the reactionary perceptions, leading to the aggravation of authoritarianism, the escalation of state repression and further racist attacks against parts of the population.
Teachers can and should teach the new generation the interests of the working class which are hostile to xenophobia and racism. The unions, the workers and particularly teachers must fight massively and organized to meet modern needs, against poverty and wars generated by the barbaric capitalist system in order to establish brotherhood, equality and internationalism in a world of prosperity and peace.

The Secretariat