Solidarity message to the teachers of LPR Lugansk


Solidarity message to the teachers of LPR Lugansk

The World Federation of Teachers Unions, FISE, denounces the attacks and the bombings by the reactionary Ukrainian government in Lugansk and Donetsk, which continues with the resumption of hostilities. Bombs are destroying houses, buildings, roads, heating and water systems. People die every day. The Ukrainian people is still bleeding.

The imperialist forces, the governments who are the servants of capital’s interests seek control of Ukraine, which has an important geo-strategic position and is a transit point of energy pipelines and freight traffic.

We shall have no confidence to those who pretend to be the “friend” of the people, but they actually maintain equal distances from the reactionary government and its victims, simply by giving wishes for the cease of the attacks or by discussing with the reactionary Ukrainian government and the industrialists to promote the business and the interests of the capitalists that they serve, as does the government of SYRIZA-ANEL and the “left” Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras.

We express our internationalist solidarity with the workers, teachers and their families in the Donbass.

FISE is struggling against the causes that give rise to wars and exploitation, so that the peoples can leave in peace. Our opponent is the system that breeds poverty, crises and wars and the political forces that serve it.


INVITATION for the 18th Congress of FISE – September 2017 in Algeria.

INVITATION  for the 18th Congress of FISE. September  2017 in Algeria.

To the teachers organizations

Dear fellow militants

The global capitalist crisis, the imperialist wars, the international economic organizations and associations, attack the rights of all the workers and, of course, also the rights of the teachers.

The problems of education and teachers are being more acute every day. Shrinking of school units, teachers’ layoffs, salary reductions, trade and labour rights violations, limitation of trade union and democratic freedoms, police attacks against teachers who demonstrate, are some of the measures implemented by the most governments in the five continents.

The content of education at all levels is being adapted to the decision of OECD that wants education to be a commodity. A commodity which gives money to the capital, but which primarily seeks to deprive the children of the working class of the formation of class consciousness and knowledge about the historical, scientific truth that inevitably reinforce the fight against the exploitation of man by man.

The forward leaning teachers in every corner of the globe, we are worried about the low quality of education provided to the new generations of children. Parents are also understandably concerned about whether their children receive essential knowledge and useful qualifications in schools. Teachers and parents, we are both concerned about the continuous privatizations in education. The education sector is of strategic importance and the education should be free, public and compulsory for all.

In many corners of the five continents students and underage children are killed within the classrooms by the bombings and the military conflicts, thousands of children become immigrants and refugees to escape from the areas where the imperialists produce poverty and wars. Continue reading

FISE Condemns The Violent Oppression Against The Workers of Sri Lanka

February 2nd, 2017

FISE, condemns the attack of Police forces against peaceful workers’ demonstration in Sri Lanka.

The workers of Sri Lanka, on February 1st, held a massive demonstration against the privatization of Ports, Terminals, etc. The demonstration with the participation of thousands of workers moved to the Presidential House to meet with the President of his representative. Instead it was met by police forces with water canons and tear gases. Once more is proved that antiworkers’ policies go hand in hand with violence and oppression against the peoples and the workers.

FISE condemns the violent oppression of the Sri Lankan Government against the workers. Expresses its solidarity to the workers and ICEU of Sri Lanka in their just struggle.



WFTU statement on the tens of children lost their lives because of the bad weather in Afghanistan

27 Jan 2017


During the last 2 days at least 27 children lost their lives because of the bad weather in Afghanistan. The poor people of this country, experiences for years the worse face of capitalistic barbarity. The long-standing war, the poverty and the low living standards create the huge humanitarian crisis of the last many years.

During all these years the people of Afghanistan struggles for its survival from the arms, the hunger, and the weather conditions without even the minimum measure for its protection. The first victim of this situation is the working class and the poorest part of the population and of course the most vulnerable society group, the children.

The World Federation of Trade Unions representing 92 million workers in all the five continents firmly denounces and condemns the double capitalistic crime which imposed by the force of weapons and the economical policies, the two sides of the same coin. The WFTU calls the working class in Afghanistan and Worldwide to struggle for a society that the people will not die without reason.

The Secretariat

Event of Solidarity with the People of Palestine


WFTU and PAME expressed once more their solidarity with the Palestinian People with an Event at the Headquarters of PAME in Athens. Present at the Event were the Ambassador of Palestine in Greece, Marwan Toubassi, the General Secretary of the WFTU and trade union leaders of National Federations, Labour Centres and Trade Unions of Athens.
PAME highlighted that this initiative took place because of the escalation of the Israeli aggressiveness against the people of Palestine. Aggressiveness that it is based on the tolerance and support of USA-NATO-European Union and Governments, like the Government of Greece, which strengthens its economic, political and military cooperation with the murderer-state of Israel.
It was only last week that Israel announced it would proceed with the construction of 2,500 new houses-settlements in the context of its settlement activity in the occupied West Bank. This is the largest number of housing announced for years, in the occupied Palestinian territories.
For his part, the Palestinian Ambassador thanked the WFTU and PAME for their constant support to the Palestinian People, and informed of new developments in the area.
The General Secretary of WFTU informed that already the World Federation of Trade Unions has called on its unions-members in all continents to engage in Solidarity Events and Actions on March 30.
PAME pledged to take new initiatives to strengthen solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian people.
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Greece, Athens January 30 , 2017


Militant Demonstration of Unions, Students, Teachers Against the Fascists


20170121 (12)

The working class of Piraeus, the students and teachers of the local schools, with the Parents’ Associations held a militant demonstration on Saturday, January 21st, against the racism and xenophobia cultivated by the fascists of Golden Dawn.

The demonstration was organized as a response to the fascists, after a school meeting for the reception of refugee children was attacked by a fascist raid battalion, of the Golden Dawn last Tuesday. The fascists had attacked the parents and the teachers, while police forces were present and did nothing to stop them. The fascists were repelled by the strong stance of the teachers and the people at the school.

At the demonstration the class unions, the students, parents and teachers highlighted that the people of Piraeus is welcoming the refugee children, the victims of imperialism, and together must fight against those who create poverty and wars.

20170121 (2)

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Greece, Athens January 23 , 2017