FISE supports the strikers at Harvard University

The World Federation of Teachers Unions, FISE, a member of the WFTU, denounces the police attacks against the workers and the arrests of 11 trade unionists at Harvard, who were demonstrating last Friday outside the University.

The workers in Harvard strike to have health care and wages that cover their needs.

FISE expresses its solidarity and wishes success to the struggles of teachers, students and workers in Harvard University.

The Secretariat

Italy: Solidarity with the General Strike of USB, October 21



 Solidarity with the General Strike of USB in Italy, October 21

 FISE expresses its solidarity with the workers and the USB of Italy for their strike on October 21.

The attack of the Renzi Government in Italy, as well as the directives of the European Union in all countries of Europe, for wage and pension cuts, cuts in social benefits and social security, they all aim to safeguard the profits of the business groups. In this context escalates oppression, repression against trade union rights and freedoms, intimidations by the employers.

FISE supports the just demands of the Italian workers
and expresses its solidarity to USB for the Strike it organizes on October 21.

Sad news from apfutu



The World Federation of Teachers Union FISE- WFTU expresses sorrow for the present death of woman wing general secretary Sayra  Bano,  fighter for women’s rights

We wish her example to follow other women

The Secretariat

The works of the 17th World Trade Union Congress were successfully completed

Από τη διαδήλωση στη λήξη του Συνεδρίου

With a large, militant demonstration with pulse and songs in the streets and the working class neighbourhoods of Durban, on Saturday, October 8, the works of the 17th World Trade Union Congress of the WFTU were successfully completed in South Africa.

On Friday afternoon, the last day of the Conference, the Report and the Plan of Action for the 2016-2020 of the WFTU were unanimously approved.

On Saturday morning, the South African Trade Union Congress unveiled a monument dedicated to the working class, completing a demonstration which was the practical expression of internationalism and class solidarity with the workers’ songs and slogans of South African Trade Unions accompanying the international delegations. The delegation of the FISE took part in the demonstration on Saturday with its own flags flying side by side with the flags of the unions from every corner of the world.



The 17th Congress of the WFTU in Durban of South Africa began with success

Press release

The 17th Congress of the WFTU in the city Durban of South Africa began with success.
In the country where the people fought hard and victoriously against the apartheid, 1500 workers and employees from 111 countries from all five continents are since today in Durban, South Africa, in order to participate in the 17th Congress of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), which started today on October 5 and will end on October 8. In the Congress takes part a delegation from the FISE.
The 17th Congress is “a great, democratic, open, internationalist and class-oriented trade union event” with direct interest for the workers around the world who dream, desire, fight for a society without exploitation of man by man, for a society with full rights for the world working class.
The Opening of the conference is broadcast live via Internet at:


Press release: Over the attack of the riot police against pensioners in Greece!


The World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, member of the WFTU denounces the intimidation and the police attack with chemicals against pensioners who were demonstrating against the pension cuts in the capital of Greece, Athens.
The SYRIZA-ANEL government, following the same path of the previous governments, attacked the pensioners, the retired from work, but not from the fight.

FISE calls the retired teachers to be organized in unions, to get a militant position alongside the workers and the trade unions to fight for increases in wages and pensions, to respond militantly to the attack towards the working class and the pensioners in most countries of the world.



GERMANY: child poverty is widening

Germany children  According to the Foundation research «Bertelsmann» the average child poverty in Germany amounts to 14.7%. Between 2011 and 2015 it even increased in 9 of the 16 Länder and reached a total of nearly 2 million. In the western provinces, child poverty has increased since 2011 from 12.4% to 13.3% in 2015. In the eastern ones, it  fell from 24% to 21.6%, but remains high, suggesting that capitalist barbarism strikes the working classes in the “locomotive of the EU”, where the capital has come out as winner. And, of course, the first victims are children whose parents experience the flexible forms of employment, half life of the so-called “Mini Jobs” of 400 euros per month which concerns  more than 7,000,000 employees.

Local elections are continuing:
Local elections in the Land of Lower Saxony took place on Sunday in Germany, while the next ones will be held in Berlin. These elections are held at a time when tensions grow within the coalition between the Christian Democrats (CDU) – Christianokoinonistes (CSU) and Social Democrats (SPD), the same time that the new party capital ‘Alternative for Germany »(AfD) is set up ,a party that raises contradictions in EU sides, opposition to joining the euro with anti-immigrant rhetoric.

In the elections in Lower Saxony, the Christian Democrats suffered losses in the first place with 34.4% ( 37% in 2011), the Social Democrats took 31.2% ( 34.9%), followed by the “Greens” with 10, 9% ( 14.3%), the “Alternative” with 7.8% (without participation in previous elections), Liberals with 4.8% ( 3.4%) and the “Left” ( “lINK” , the opportunist party in the leadership of the European Left)  with 2.4% ( 3.3%). The participation was around 55.5% and it is the fifth largest state of Germany.