May 1: Chicago Teachers’ Union

Fight for Our Schools, Our Rights and Our Communities


Resist Racism, Rebuild Community

Join the Chicago Teachers Union and the labor, racial justice, gender equality, disability rights, and immigrant rights movements for a day of actions in defense of our schools, our rights, and our communities that will culminate in a mass rally in Daley Plaza from 4-6pm. The Chicago May Day Coalition includes more than 100 organizations fighting against the attacks of the Trump, Rauner and Emanuel administrations. Together on International Workers Day we will resist the rise of racist attacks, defend our immigrant communities against deportation, demand funding for public services including education, and fight to rebuild our communities.

Scheduled Activities

  1. 6:30 a.m.GEM Partner Activities
    Various Locations
  2. 7:30 a.m.School Rallies
    Email Organizing to Participate
  3. 11:00 a.m.March for Youth Justice
    Cook County Juvenile Detention Center
    Roosevelt & Ogden
  4. 1:00 p.m.Rally for Immigration Justice
    Union Park
    Washington & Ashland
  5. 2:00 p.m.March to Downtown
  6. 4:00 p.m.Labor and Movement Rally
    Daley Plaza
    Washington & Dearborn


Forrest Claypool wants to obstruct our members’ rights to participate in May Day activities and falsely claims the CTU is striking that day. Our House of Delegates voted on April 5 not to strike on May 1 and no CTU members are asked to do so. However, we have the right to use authorized leave on May 1 or to participate in May Day activities before and after school. Please note the following revised details for our May Day activities: Continue reading

Solidarity With The Thousands Of Palestinians That Are In Israeli Prisons

19 April  2017

Χωρίς τίτλο

FISE, the World Federation of Teachers’ Union, affiliated to the WFTU, expresses its solidarity with the thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and the just struggle of the Palestinian People.

 Since April 17, the  Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails started hunger strike against the inhumane conditions of imprisonment.

 The murderer-state of Israel escalates its aggressiveness against the Palestinian people based on the support by NATO-US-EU. In these conditions it is a duty of the class trade union movement to strengthen its solidarity with the heroic people of Palestine. To reveal the dangerous role of Governments, as the Government of SYRIZA in Greece, who deepens its political-economic and military cooperation with Israel.

FISE calls all the teachers’ unions around the world to strengthen their solidarity with the Palestinian people, against the settlements, the imprisonments and every kind of repressive measure, for an independent Palestinian state, on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

We demand the immediate release of the thousands of Palestinians that are in Israeli prisons.

We condemn the BOMBINGS IN SYRIA


We condemn the BOMBINGS IN SYRIA

FISE, the World Federation of Teachers Unions, affiliated to the WFTU, condemns the USA bombings against Syria. It denounces the role of the government of Trump, who continues the policy of the previous Presidents, and  through these bombings, supports the ISIS and makes the situation even more dangerous for a generalized war.

It is well known that the USA, the European Union, Turkey and the Gulf monarchies have founded, financed and armed the ISIS. Their goal was dismembering Syria and founding new puppet states in order to steal the region’s wealth.

FISE demands:

– The foreign troops to leave the Region

– To stop the imperialist intervention against Syria and the whole Middle East

– The wealth-producing resources of Syria belong to its people.

– The peoples of the Region are the only ones who have the right to decide freely and democratically on their present and future.

– To stop chemical weapons use by everybody


FISE: a manifestation of solidarity with the students of Palestine


In line with the WFTU Declaration on Land Day 30/3/2017


A manifestation of solidarity with the students of Palestine was organized by the World Federation of Trade Unions WFTU , the World Federation of Teachers’ Unions, FISE, affiliated with the WFTU and the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Greece, on March 30, 2017, Day dedicated to the Palestinian Land.

The manifestation was part of the campaign of solidarity with the Palestinian people organized by the WFTU inviting its affiliated unions around the world to respond.

Young students in a school in Athens in Greece discussed with representatives of the Palestinian embassy, of the WFTU and the FISE about the continuing crimes of the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people, they analyzed the importance of practical solidarity, they read short excerpts of the historian of the antiquity, Herodotus, of Greek poets, as Nikiforos Vrettakos and Tasos Livaditis, they also recited the poem of the Palestinian Mahmoud Daroui ” Think about the others”.

The moved students handed over to the representatives of the Palestinian Embassy school supplies and a group drawing with the request to be sent to a Palestinian School and expressed their  full support to the students of Palestine that give the battle of education and of the freedom of living in a free home with Jerusalem as its capital.

The FISE honours the struggles of the Palestinian people who experiences harsh conditions and is still paying daily a heavy blood toll because of the imperialist attacks by the Israeli forces.

It also denounces the hypocrisy of the USA, of the European Union and of all the countries that either strengthen and support the aggressive Israeli policy or they keep equal distances and equate the aggressors with the victims, saying nothing about the role of the imperialist wars. We will not cease to declare solidarity with the people of Palestine. We will continue to stand by them in every struggle, every effort for:

  • Withdrawal of all Israeli occupation forces from the territory of Palestine.
  • Establishment of an independent Palestinian state to the 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital.
  • Dissolution of all Israeli settlements.
  • Return of all refugees to their homes.
  • Immediate release of all political prisoners.
  • Tearing down the Wall of Shame.
  • Stopping the blockade of the ‘Gaza Strip’.



Internationalist Solidarity with the Palestinian People on March 30th

The workers of the World expressed their Internationalist Solidarity with the Palestinian People on March 30th


The WFTU Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People was honoured with various initiatives all over the world, yesterday on March 30th 2017. The WFTU affiliates and friends responded to the WFTU Call: “On 30rd of March, all workers and ordinary people of the working class worldwide are called upon to give real expression to their solidarity with the people of Palestine against Israeli aggressiveness and occupation”.

The workers, the ordinary people which took part in the initiatives of the Class Oriented trade unions proved that Palestinian people are not alone, they demanded to STOP the Israeli Settlements, the recognition of a free and independent Palestinian state within the borders of 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital.