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Solidarity Campaign: “A notebook for the children of Palestine”. PRESS RELEASE

The W.F.T.U. (World Federation of Trade Unions) the F.I.S.E. (World Federation of Teachers’ Unions) and the General Union of Palestinian Workers welcome all the Associations of Primary Education, the Teachers’ Unions of Secondary Education, the Teachers’ Unions of Private Education, as well as the dozens of massive organizations, that participate in the initiative “A notebook for the children of Palestine” and invite them to participate in the press conference on Friday, the 17th of October at 18.30, when we are going to deliver the first part of the aide, which was gathered by the unions.
Palestine Girl




The press conference is going to be held at the ship-repair yard of Perama, where from 10 to 19 October 2014, the visual arts and photography exhibition entitled “Man, Colour and Iron 8” is going to take place for the 8th consecutive year. On the last day of the exhibition, we are going to carry through a great solidarity concert for the Palestinian People. Continue reading

Solidarity campaign for the children of Palestine

pame-education LOGO aggliko OLO
The teachers of PAME, participating in a really important initiative, are organizing a solidarity campaign for the children of Palestine, trying to gather money, notebooks and stationary. Using as a trademark a poster with the moving photos of a little girl searching under the ruins of her own house for books and notebooks, on the basis of a part of the famous Picasso painting “Guernica”, along with an announcement, PAME is spreading the content of this campaign to the schools of our country. It is addressing to teachers and students, with the announcement below:

Dear colleagues and students,

Do you remember the photo of a little girl, who was searching under the ruins of her own house to find her book, after the bombings. This image was released a few days ago and is worth a thousand words.

Palestine Girl

The inhumanity, the barbarity, the imperialistic atrocity do not stop. So far, 565 students have lost their lives, at least 3.000 of them were injured and 277 schools were completely destroyed. Israel, the EU and NATO bath the people of Palestine in blood. The greek government is on the side of the murderous government of Israel. It signs with Israel military cooperation agreements. It is an accomplice. Continue reading

Solidarity of the working class with the people of Palestine

To the Executive Secretary of  PAME                                                             30-7-2014

Gaza3The Secretary of FISE congratulate the initiative of PAME in Greece to compose a common announce with the trade unions of Europe to express the solidarity of the working class with the people of Palestine.

It condemns the Israeli attacks, as well as the trade unions that try to hide their implicit support to the imperial forces and to the Israeli government, with the policy of equal distances.P

We cosign the document of PAME and we invite all the class-oriented teachers’ unions, all of our comrades who work in the sector of education globally to support this initiative and to multiply the forms of solidarity.


Regional Trade Unions and Federations To The Embassy of Israel

Teachers, Public Service workers baton-charged

Teachers, Public Service workers baton-charged

04052014ISLAMABAD: The capital city’s police used force against protesters from the All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Union (APFUTU) Public Service Section  and with other unions for allegedly violating an agreement with the capital administration and attempting to enter Red Zone on Tuesday.Teachers are respected in every part of the world, however, in Islamabad they, along with clerks, were badly beaten by baton-charging cops who targeted them with tear-gas and rubber bullets as they were protesting against the budget.The demonstration was jointly organised by APFUTU and other unions to protest the meagre increase in their salaries and medical allowance in the recent budget 2014-2015. Continue reading


The Secretary of FISE (WORLD FEDERATION OF TEACHERS’ UNIONS) expresses its solidarity to the university teachers of UIC United Faculty, who decided to go on two-days strike, demanding better conditions and rights for the students of the university.

FISE defends the teachers’ and students’ rights. Continue reading

WFTU stands in solidarity with the fair struggle of the London Underground Workers

World Federation of Trade Unions

Athens, Greece – February 5th, 2014

WFTU stands in solidarity with the fair struggle of the London Underground Workers

The World Federation of Trade Unions representing 86 million workers in 126 countries around the world salutes the struggle of the London Underground workers in Britain who have joined forces in industrial action to stop cuts in jobs, services and security.

The 48-hours strike action that began last night has been rock solid and this has meant the London Underground network has effectively been closed down.

In a united voice transport workers say no to casualization, zero-hour contracts, poverty pay and bogus self-employment! Continue reading

Solidarity with Greek people

   Usb Italy express the strongest  solidarity to the Greek people, to Pame and WFTU for  Pavlos Fyssas  criminal murder  last 17 th on September.
  He was younger antifascist  who carried trough his music a strong  message to the  young people and all Greek people against Alba Dorata nazi criminal squads .
  Alba Dorata  can act scot-free  because of forces security and judiciary accomplice .
The governments  that in these years were Troika  instruments , in this way, oriented popular discontent, generated by Troika  orders of social massacre, towards extreme Continue reading