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Solidarity campaign for the children of Palestine

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The teachers of PAME, participating in a really important initiative, are organizing a solidarity campaign for the children of Palestine, trying to gather money, notebooks and stationary. Using as a trademark a poster with the moving photos of a little girl searching under the ruins of her own house for books and notebooks, on the basis of a part of the famous Picasso painting “Guernica”, along with an announcement, PAME is spreading the content of this campaign to the schools of our country. It is addressing to teachers and students, with the announcement below:

Dear colleagues and students,

Do you remember the photo of a little girl, who was searching under the ruins of her own house to find her book, after the bombings. This image was released a few days ago and is worth a thousand words.

Palestine Girl

The inhumanity, the barbarity, the imperialistic atrocity do not stop. So far, 565 students have lost their lives, at least 3.000 of them were injured and 277 schools were completely destroyed. Israel, the EU and NATO bath the people of Palestine in blood. The greek government is on the side of the murderous government of Israel. It signs with Israel military cooperation agreements. It is an accomplice. Continue reading

Teachers in Norway still on strike

UNITE_NorwayThe teachers in Norway are on strike since August 11th, 2014 in Norway, after the collapse of negotiations between the government and the teachers’ union.
Teachers keep resisting government efforts to increase the working hours to 7.5 hours per day and 37.5 hours per week.
The increase of  teachers’ working hours is another attempt of capitalist countries to overturn the   labor rights.
The media talk about  lost teaching hours during the  strike of teachers while leaving untouched by comments  the government of the country.

News about education in India, Jordan, Ghana

HaryanaIndia, Haryana: Over 300 teachers of aided schools courted arrest after they held up traffic at Housing Board Chowk on the Panchkula-Chandigarh road for over four hours on Saturday. The teachers have been demanding assimilation into government schools after the government made a promise in this regard. The protesters were released later.

Chief minister had announced that teachers from aided schools will be assimilated into government schools at a rally at Gohana in the run up to Lok Sabha elections but nothing has been done in this regard.

Around 2pm, protesters began a march towards Chandigarh but were not allowed to go beyond the Panchkula-Chandigarh border. Talks between Haryana government representatives and a delegation of five protesters held on Saturday also failed, following which the teachers were arrested. To date, nothing has been done. The teachers will continue to protest until their demands are met. There is a cabinet meeting on August 12 and if their demands are not met they will start hunger strike, as the president of teachers’ association said.

JordanJordan: Public school teachers will go on strike from August 17, the first day in the new academic year, to press a set of demands, including a job allowance and better pension and healthcare benefits, according to Jordan Teachers Association (JTA) president. JTA will not compromise on teachers’ rights and fair demands, accusing the government of “reluctance and procrastination” in addressing those demands. The teachers will press ahead with the strike if the government does not budge.
 GhanaGhana: The Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana says it has nothing to say if government decides to freeze salaries of striking POTAG members. The Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana began an indefinite nationwide strike in May this year to protest government’s unwillingness to pay their book and research allowance for the 2013/2014 academic year.What the teachers do go beyond teaching and conducting examinations. In total, each polytechnic teacher renders 21 services including supervising the dissertation of students, he claimed, and cautioned against classifying some more important than others.

Argentinian teachers on 48 hour strike

Arg2 Teachers in Argentina began their 48 hour strike on Monday. It is a nationwide protest that includes teachers  from five provinces in order to draw the attention of government to the crisis in education. The salaries are not keeping up with the rampant inflation and schools infrastructure is significantly deteriorating. Two months ago the teachers held a demonstration to demand better conditions in schools, because some of them lack basic conditions, like water supply. The police then savagely beat the teachers and arrested the union leader.

Soudan: Basic and secondary schools teachers’ open-ended strike in South Darfur



Basic and secondary school teachers have started on an open-ended strike on Sunday, in South Darfur, Soudan, after the invitation of the South Darfur State’s Employees Union.

The teachers claim the salaries that haven’t been paid to them since 2007, which was the reason why the state owes 13.100 per person.


India: Teachers’ protests and state repressionIN in Amritsar

India Amritsar

Elementary teachers’ training teachers of Punjab, India have embarked on manifestations, demanding the subjection of Zila Parashad schools to the jurisdiction of the Education Department of the country.

More specifically, teachers of those schools from five districts were gathered in Amritsar on Sunday to protest. However, when they approached the Punjab Cabinet minister’s residence, the police forces hit them with batons and headed on arrests and adductions.

Representatives of the teachers claim that more than 10 of their colleagues were injured as a result of the violence performed by the police, while about 20, including women were arrested.