APFUTU: successful strike

A successful strike of government employees is going on across Punjab against the privatization of government schools and other institutions under the IMF program. Thousands of employees of more than 30 provincial government departments from across the province are present in the protest that has been going on for 2 days in Lahore. Employees demand that

The process of privatization should be stopped immediately.
The program of handing over educational institutions to NGOs should be ended.
Pension reform amendment bill should be withdrawn.
Timely salary should be paid to the employees of all educational institutions and health department, municipality.
Employees with more than 3 years of service should be considered permanent.
It should be remembered that for the protection of the rights of the government employees, the organizations of the employees of all the organizations are protesting together. This year, there is a series of nationwide protests on behalf of government employees.
General Secretary of All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions Zia Syed has condemned the arrest of union leaders participating in the protest of government employees in Lahore and Gujarat and said that the government should accept the demands of the employees and amend the pension reform bill. should be withdrawn, government employees should be paid on time.
Whereas strict action will be taken against the brick kiln owners who do not pay minimum wage to the brick kiln workers and those involved in the sale of brick kiln workers in Azad Jammu and Kashmir as per the gazette notification. I should be brought.