PAME: The Voice of the Workers Will Not Be Silenced – With Palestine for Freedom

The Voice of the Workers Will Not Be Silenced – With Palestine for Freedom

PAME denounces the attempts of Governments and Employers to terrorize and silence the Solidarity initiatives with Palestine developed by workers, militant trade unions and whole peoples.

After the ban on solidarity rallies with the people of Palestine, after the calls to ban the use of the Palestinian flag, today we have a new escalation of intimidation tactics.

At dawn today, the French Government proceeded to arrest Jean Paul Delescaut, General Secretary of the UD CGT NORD in the Lille area, from his home. The French Government has brought the trade unionist in for ‘apology for terrorism’. Jean Paul Delescaut is in fact being prosecuted for the internationalist solidarity actions developed by the UD CGT NORD in support of peace and the Palestinian people.

This persecution comes as a follow-up to the intimidating tactics by the multinational STARBUCKS to sue the newly formed union of STARBUCKS workers, demanding compensation because the workers expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people who are being murdered.

And in Greece, on Wednesday 18 October, the Greek government attempted to terrorize the people with repressive forces attacking the peaceful demonstration of thousands of people who were expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Imperialist organisations, governments, and multinationals who stand with the murderers are terrorising the people to impose silence in the face of Israel’s crimes and the daily murdering of Palestinians.

To all of them we respond



PAME stands on the side of the people of Palestine and all the workers, all the trade unions that are persecuted because they are on the side of the people, the wronged, the oppressed.


Immediate release of the General Secretary of the UD CGT NORD, Jean Paul Delescaut

Cease all persecution against the trade union Starbucks Workers United

Stop the criminalisation and persecution against trade union action and the struggle for peace and freedom in Palestine.

The Voice of the Workers Will Not Be Silenced – With Palestine for Freedom