TURKEY Press Release

FISE expresses its indignation at the new employers’ crime which took place in a mine in Somme of Western Turkey. This resulted in the death of at least 201 workers, while hundreds of other workers are still captivated in the mine.

The enterprise  “SOMA Komur Isletmeleri A.S.”, the owner of the mine, is criminally responsible, since it wouldn’t even  take the basic security measures but also because they have increased the use of subcontractors and the violent pressure to the workers so that they produce as much as possible under hideous circumstances.

According to what the miners’ representatives say, the collaboration of the administration of the SOMA enterprise (and other groups involved in that field) with the Turkish government, have put obstacles to the adoption and passage of any bill of improvement of the working conditions and expansion of union liberties in many of the mines of Turkey, in the name the so-called “development”.

FISE expresses its sincere condolences to the victims’ families and its solidarity with the Turkish workers about their struggle to put an end to the exploitation, to have essential security measures taken for the workers and to have the responsibles of the employers’ crime punished.

Stop to the child labor and to the criminal policy, which obliges millions of children to leave school and to work hard in mines and elsewhere.

The position of children and teenagers all over the world must be in schools. We have the duty to fight for this cause.