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WFTU – FISE Conference, 28-29 October 2013 “The role of teachers today”

KTOS Speech:

 We thank FISE and WFTU for inviting us here. We greet all our comrades here with feelings of international solidarity.

We represent the Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Trade Union. We come from Cyprus, but from the north of Cyprus. Our country is currently divided into two. The north of the island is under the control of Turkey. Turkish governments have an extensive influence on our economic and social structures.  Therefore, as well as dealing with problems arising from the division of our island, we are also struggling with economic problems that are created by our peculiar economic structure.

A few years ago, in 2008, a law that would restructure all the sectors in the north of the country was introduced. The society fought hard to stop the implementation of this law but they did not succeed. The law has been dubbed as the “emigration law” by the society because it would force the people, especially the youth, to leave the country due to the decreased standard of life. The neoliberal policies of this law envision cuts and austerity measures and they have been implemented in many areas, including health and education. Continue reading

Call of General Federation of Trade Unions in the Syrian Arab Republic

Call of General Federation of Trade Unions in the Syrian Arab Republic

To all the workers and peoples of the world

 In order to get out of its immoral predicament goal of supporting terrorist armed gangs financially, in the media and in various forms of lethal weapons, the imperialist United States and its allies in the governments of Britain, France and colonial west are seeking and in collusion with their young clients in the Middle East Region as the Arab kingdoms and Turkey, to wage a war of aggression against steadfast Syria. This is because Syria Continue reading