Call of General Federation of Trade Unions in the Syrian Arab Republic

Call of General Federation of Trade Unions in the Syrian Arab Republic

To all the workers and peoples of the world

 In order to get out of its immoral predicament goal of supporting terrorist armed gangs financially, in the media and in various forms of lethal weapons, the imperialist United States and its allies in the governments of Britain, France and colonial west are seeking and in collusion with their young clients in the Middle East Region as the Arab kingdoms and Turkey, to wage a war of aggression against steadfast Syria. This is because Syria has always been the forefront of the national liberation movement in the Arab region and the National Resistance Movement and nationalist anti -colonial and anti – imperialist and Zionist racism. These imperial powers are doing so under the pretext of the use of chemical weapons, which has been proved and in an unequivocal evidence to be used by those terrorist gangs against innocent Syrian citizens and against the Syrian brave armed forces.

These combined aggressive circles are working together to mislead the international public opinion in various lies and fabrications about this. It has been proved by unequivocal directories reached by the Commission of Inquiry internationalism so far that these criminal armed gangs have used this weapon on the ground against unarmed citizens of innocent people and the Syrian armed forces. It is no longer a secret that the training camps for these gangs, which was held in both Turkey and Jordan, in particular, took place and operations are in training in the use of those forbidden weapons under the supervision and care of U.S. intelligence agencies and the British and French, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. They are openly funded by families ruling Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Those families sink in backwardness and hostility toward all that is civilized and progressive.

The working class and the Syrian organized trade union GFTU Syria, and with it all free and honorable in Syria, we call on all supporters of freedom , progress and peace in the world to announce its solidarity with steadfast Syria that defend the dignity and freedom and the rights of its people and the nation. We salute the attitudes of ethical and humanitarian governments and peoples of the world who stand next to us, especially the peoples and governments of Russia, China and the BRICS countries , Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe. They have confirmed their categorical rejection of all forms of reactionary imperialist intervention in the internal affairs of the people and especially the Syrian Arab people. Workers and unionists of Syria appeal to all workers’ organizations and national, regional and global trade union organizations to  confirm their workers’ solidarity with the just struggle of the legitimate rights of the people of the Syria in their sovereignty, and decent life and to defend the gains and the great achievements that have been made in Syria through the struggle of national liberation .

Long Lives militant solidarity among workers of the world


Damascus 12/9/2013

General Federation of Trade Unions

In the Syrian Arab Republic