Solidarity to the workers employeed in the port of Piraeus by COSCO-DPORT

6th September 2018

The World Federation of Teachers Unions FISE with headquarters in Mexico, member of WFTU, salutes the workers, who are employeed in the port of Piraeus by COSCO-DPORT and other contractors.

We send a message of support and solidarity to the union ENEDEP, which is being prepared for the strike on Friday, the 7th of September.

We are following your struggle and know the their severity. Your past success is a fresh breath for the world syndicalistic movement and for the teachers unions.

It gives us the strength to teach the present generation, the generation which is being prepared by the capital as flexible workers with low wages, that nothing will be given to them as a gift. In the contrary everything is obtained with fierce and tenacious class struggle.

We support your requests for:

⦁ Collective agreements with raises of wages.
⦁ Permanent and consistent work for all.
⦁ Establishment of commitees for hygiene and security.
⦁ Prevention of professional illnesses and work injuries.

Every teacher who wants to support his own rights and the rights of the working class has the obligation to teach the pupils and the coworkers the severity of the requests said for all workers and employees.

Best of luck to your strike and the struggle that follows!