The organized movement against racism and state violence

FISE, the World Federation of Teachers Union, Member of WFTU, condemns the rise of neo-fascism, the Ku – Klux – Klan, the racism and the xenophobia in the US, the systematic police violence as well as the provocative executions of policemen by snipers.
The massive movement struggles against the one-way street of capitalist barbarity and the exploitation of man by man and has nothing to do with provocative actions, like the one in Dallas, actions that cultivate the reactionary perceptions, leading to the aggravation of authoritarianism, the escalation of state repression and further racist attacks against parts of the population.
Teachers can and should teach the new generation the interests of the working class which are hostile to xenophobia and racism. The unions, the workers and particularly teachers must fight massively and organized to meet modern needs, against poverty and wars generated by the barbaric capitalist system in order to establish brotherhood, equality and internationalism in a world of prosperity and peace.

The Secretariat