Termination Of Proceedings Against Terrorist In Italy USB



The FISE, World Federation of Teachers’ Unions, affiliated to WFTU denounces the new terroristic attack against trade unionists USB Italy

Specifically, the unionist Guido Lutrario, Member of the national executive and USB responsible of the Lazio region, received an “oral warning” by the Rome Police Headquarters, accused for “crime or offense which endangered  the security of the country”, because he organized   mobilizations, strikes, sit-ins, demonstrations, in the area of Rome

It is an attempt to terrorize the workers and weaken the unions. EU and governments, impose restrictions on trade union activity. They have always the police and the courts in the service of multinationals to attack trade union rights and freedoms.

FISE expresses solidarity with Guido Lutrario and USB.

With militant greetings

The Secretariat