WFTU statement on the tens of children lost their lives because of the bad weather in Afghanistan

27 Jan 2017


During the last 2 days at least 27 children lost their lives because of the bad weather in Afghanistan. The poor people of this country, experiences for years the worse face of capitalistic barbarity. The long-standing war, the poverty and the low living standards create the huge humanitarian crisis of the last many years.

During all these years the people of Afghanistan struggles for its survival from the arms, the hunger, and the weather conditions without even the minimum measure for its protection. The first victim of this situation is the working class and the poorest part of the population and of course the most vulnerable society group, the children.

The World Federation of Trade Unions representing 92 million workers in all the five continents firmly denounces and condemns the double capitalistic crime which imposed by the force of weapons and the economical policies, the two sides of the same coin. The WFTU calls the working class in Afghanistan and Worldwide to struggle for a society that the people will not die without reason.

The Secretariat