To the Federation of Teachers of Puerto Rico FMPR


To the Federation of Teachers of Puerto Rico FMPR

Dear Colleagues,

The Secretariat of the World Federation of Teachers Union was informed about the serious problems that you face in your homeland.

It is true that in many countries they are attempting to close down schools, like in your country, too, where 300 schools are closing down, they seek to privatize public education, a punitive evaluation system is being imposed, wages of teachers are getting reduced and generally labor rights are being taken away. At the same time the content of education does not meet the modern needs of education.

These measures are adopted by governments that serve the needs of multinationals and they steadily work to assure the profits and the interests of the capital.

 FISE, member of the World Federation of Trade Unions, WFTU, fights for the rights of teachers and for the access to free contemporary education for all children of the working class and the grassroots classes worldwide.

It supports the struggles of the Federation of Teachers in Puerto Rico and of all trade unions fighting for the abolition of exploitation of man by man.

We stand by you and we express our solidarity.

 The Secretariat.