Stop the massacre against the Palestinian people by Israel

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Stop the massacre against the Palestinian people by Israel

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Within less than 48hours the Israeli army through sea and land has attacked more than 156 targets in the Gaza Strip. A new horrifying circle of bloodshed has started causing deadly casualties to the Palestinian people, the longtime victim of the imperialist policy of Israel and its allies the USA and NATO.

The Israeli Minister of Defence, Ehud Barak has activated more than 30.000 military troops ready to move to Gaza. According to latest information more than 10 trucks carrying tanks and armored vehicles are moving towards the area.

From their side the governments of USA, Germany, Britain, France, Canada have provided alibi to the Israeli aggressiveness either openly or by blaming equally the perpetrator and the victims.

The WFTU denounces in the strongest possible way the murderous attacks of Israel against the Gaza Strip. Once against the World Federation of Trade Unions does not stay neutral in a blatant ongoing massacre against the Palestinian people who deserve the right to a Palestinian state as they demand in the boarders of 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital.

This aggressive plot against the Palestinian people, part of the general escalating imperialist aggressiveness in the Middle East against Syria and Iran, must end now.

We call upon the trade union organizations of the world to actively express their solidarity to the struggle of the Palestinian people and demand the immediate ending of this massacre against them.

Athens, Greece, November 16th 2012