Solidarity with the fighting teachers in Puerto Rico


 Solidarity with the fighting teachers in Puerto Rico

The 18th Congress of FISE proclaims solidarity with the fighting teachers unions and organizations in Puerto Rico in denouncing the sweeping ‘education reform’ privatization plan announced by Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló on February 5.

Puerto Rico has been a colony of the U.S. since 1898, in gross violation of international law. This education reform plan is a colonially-imposed neoliberal imposition on the Puerto Rican people.

We stand with the Puerto Rican people’s struggle to defend their public schools and public education against this privatization scheme, which is being opportunistically introduced in the aftermath of the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

The Puerto Rican people continue to heroically resist these colonially-imposed neoliberal attacks. We stand in solidarity with the teachers and education workers in Puerto Rico in their struggle. Their fight is our fight.