Regarding the cold-blooded murder of George Floyd

Regarding the cold-blooded murder of the Afro-American George Floyd, on the 25th of May by white policemen in Minneapolis and the renewed demonstrations in the US and around the globe

The World Federation of Teachers’ Unions FISE, member of the WFTU condemns the cold-blooded murder of the Afro-American George Floyd on the 25th of May by white policemen in Minneapolis, US.

It condemns the murders and the racist violence of the US-government. It expresses its solidarity to the massive demonstrations of the workers and the people of the US against the racist hate and the exploitation. We salute the continuous demonstrations, despite the arrests, the terrorism and the threats made by the government mechanisms.

The last words of George Floyd  «I can’t breathe»  became the chant of the people’s demonstrations all over the world, because what causes the suffocation of the people and the working class in the US is capitalism itself, which is rotten and causes racism, police violence and the biggest inequality gaps.

 The struggle for democratic rights and freedom, for respect of the human dignity against racial, religious or other discriminations is directly connected to the struggle of the workers around the globe against dismissals, poverty and unemployment. It is connected to the struggle against the misery on the many for the profits of the few.

FISE encourages the syndicates, the workers to respond to the rotten racist system which murders and pauperises. The system that does not allow us to breathe. To support the corresponding actions of WFTU, to take corresponding initiatives, to strengthen the class struggle, the reorganisation of the revolutionary movement, so that all people on our world can breathe.

We can breathe – we can break the chains of exploitation