Protest of FISE for the unpaid teachers in Bangladesh

Thursday, July 12, 2018 

Nearly 80,000 teachers and employees of 5,000 private education institutions in Bangladesh are outside the scope of the NGO system (monthly payment order system). The government budget that has already been filed does not provide for any payment for them.

Teachers and employees have been on the road in mobilizations since June 10 and complain about not joining the government’s MPO system, for not being paid their wages since January 2018, and demanding a change in the annual government financial budget.

Many of them began a hunger strike on July 2 in front of the Dhaka National Press Center (Jatiya Press Club Focus Bangla), in Bangladesh’s capital.

The World Federation of Teachers Union, which is member of the WFTU, supports the mobilizations and expresses its solidarity with Bangladeshi teachers and employees who struggle.

The government must be compelled to satisfy the fair demands of hunger strikers and demonstrators and this will be done through the organized and unwavering struggle.

We call upon the teachers’ trade unions and workers’ trade unions to express their solidarity with the Non-MPO Educational Institutions Teachers’ and Employees’ Federation and the BTUC