On the occasion of International Labor Day – a statement issued by the Palestinian Trade Union Confederation

On the occasion of International Labor Day – a statement issued by the Palestinian Trade Union Confederation

O workers of Palestine: On the occasion of the first of May, the Palestinian trade union coalition presents its solidarity and militant greetings to all our workers and struggling workers and strugglers in all parts of the country and countries of asylum and diaspora, these workers and workers who face the forces of colonialism and imperialism supported by the fire of exploitation and occupation and discrimination and racism and Zionism and Arab and foreign reaction, and in light of The outbreak of the Corona epidemic that exhausted the world, exhausted our workers and took them to the abyss. . Emphasizing the message of freedom, equality and dignity as a global message of liberation, and on the principles of independence and sovereignty of peoples over their capabilities and their right to self-determination, for a world free from all forms of discrimination in which humanity is blessed with true peace. The Day of International Workers and Palestine Workers violates their rights by all means in light of the escalation Wars and armed conflicts are blood-traffickers and greedy people against workers and peoples of the world. And the repercussions of capital on their mold and their children’s livelihood.

Our free workers: The International Workers Day comes and the workers of Palestine live under the weight of poverty, unemployment, the greed of the powerful, and those who aspire to achieve their goals and whims at the expense of the workers and trade their rights and dues. Carrying with him the growing power of capitalism and imperialism in various parts of the earth, which seeks clear colonial goals and control of peoples and their capabilities, especially in light of the outbreak of corona and other bacterial wars fabricated by capitalists in order to dust policies, impose agendas and guide the security forces in the world to serve this war that will help pass Many of the imperialist and American Zionist deals such as the century deal and others. Unfortunately, the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and workers have been neglected. And millions of fabricated injuries.

Our Palestinian workers: While Palestine is still undergoing the most horrific colonialism in history by Israel, the workers are still fighting for their freedom and working class. Emphasizing their insistence on undermining their full and undiminished rights, whether at the national, social and economic levels, and they will continue their legitimate struggle in order to obtain their most basic social and economic rights, adhere to their national rights represented by the right of return for Palestinian refugees and the right to self-determination, and the release of all detainees of Palestine and the Arabs without exception And without conditions, and to stop the policy of oppression and increasing colonialism, and to stop the expropriation of lands in implementation of the so-called sinister deal of the century. Establishing an independent, fully sovereign Palestinian state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital, and working to end the suffering of Palestinian workers against all forms of discrimination against them, their legitimate unions.

Finally, we are in the trade union union in light of the difficult repercussions that resulted from the government’s policy in the context of addressing the epidemic of corona and in the absence of providing the minimum needs of Palestinian workers and its inability to provide the minimum level of social protection. In light of the increasing visibility of the role of unions at the expense of the other and the lack of control over those who manipulated the workers’ money and held them accountable, we affirm the following:


First: Thanks and appreciation for the role of the Palestinian leadership in assuming the greatest burden in protecting the Palestinian people from the repercussions of the spread of the Corona pandemic, and we also pay tribute and respect to all security agencies and health and labor teams without exception to their preventive and guiding efforts in the interest of our Palestinian workers.


Second: – Emphasizing the right of the Palestinian worker to live in dignity, and we demand that workers be treated as the difficult number in the Palestinian economy and the first source of local market incomes, and that it is considered the main tributary of the national economy.

Third: – The necessity of the struggle of the Palestinian workers working for freedom and independence until the realization of our people’s inalienable and inalienable rights to our people and the recovery of workers ’funds stolen from the Israeli unions (the Histadrut) and some Palestinian unions and work to end the state of plundering of workers’ funds and to be in one independent national fund and under Supervision of Palestinian law and national control and the formation of a national committee to manage this money for the benefit of workers and to address all crimes and violations of the occupation against our workers and reckless disregard for them. And stop all violations against them

Third: – Demanding the Palestinian government, with all its parties, party and factional leaders, to work to find an urgent solution that meets the minimum needs of our Palestinian workers in the local and Israeli labor markets, and those who are unemployed due to the crisis of the Coruna and before. And to disburse emergency aid to workers worthy of their needs and dignity and to fully recover workers ’money, which promises hundreds of millions as a minimum, which were collected from the Palestinian and Israeli unions in sharing without any right and were disposed of in a way that no one knows. And stop some of the unions that exploit workers and fight all forms of brokering and workers exploiting time to agree on the legitimacy of workers and their rights.

Fourth: The government’s demand to end the content of the prevention contract with the private sector and some unionists, which stipulated the payment of at least 50% of the salaries of the unemployed workers due to the Corona crisis. And obliging the private sector to schedule these wages

Fifth: The labor union coalition salutes all the international and regional federations and all the workers of the world on this occasion and appreciates their struggle, class and solidarity role with the workers and people of Palestine. In addition to the workers in the world and not to bear the consequences of the crisis on their own, we call upon the International Labor Organization to shoulder its responsibilities and not be biased towards imperialism. And the approval of the labor courts. Rescheduling the Social Security Law, applying the minimum wage system, and implementing the union organizing law.

Long live the Palestinian working class … Long live the World Federation of Trade Unions … Long live the Palestinian Trade Union Confederation


Labor Union Confederation – 1/5/2020