Germany: We earn the right to strike, it is not given to us.


Press Realease

FISE the World Federation of Teachers Union, member of the World Trade Unions WFTU welcomes the strikers of kindergartens in Germany who vigorously continue their struggle.

streik11Since the 8th of May, 240000 employees in social and pedagogical services of municipalities are on strike for better wages and the necessary adjustment of pay fees to the growing and demanding tasks to fulfill. With impressive demonstrations they are expressing their just demands.

streik3stuttgart.While there were spent 360 million euros for the summit of G7, the tax breaks to big business emptied municipal funds, their demands remain unsatisfied. Kindergarten teachers, parents and children are mocked with the answer that there is no money and the authorities threatened that if the strike would succeed, the subsistence will be raised. This clearly a class policy that requires the constant maximization of the profits, the intensification and the underpaid hired work
FISE declares solidarity with the strikers, and their fight is more than fair.

streik9Also today 06/06/2015 at the event organized by WFTU in the ILO in Geneva, FISE will speak on the right of all workers to strike, with particular reference to workers in social and pedagogical services and in kindergarten where the strike is taking place.