FISE solidarity message with the Pakistan Teacher Federation


FISE solidarity message with the Pakistan Teacher Federation

FISE, the World Federation of Teachers Union, an affiliated member of WFTU, representing the militant educators all over the world,   expresses its solidarity with the Pakistan Teachers Federation and the unpaid teachers of the Metropolitan University, Karachi.

FISE supports their demand for the payment of the due salaries of teachers and the staff members, who have not received their salaries for more than a year. We also condemn the forceful closure of university gate for the faculty and administrative staff.

FISE denounces the above practices and stands by the side of the teachers in Pakistan, demanding the fulfillment of their just demands and the overall improvement of their working conditions.

FISE stands by the just fight of the Pakistan Teacher Federation and the teachers of the Metropolitan University, Karachi in Pakistan.

We call upon the teachers and everybody of workers in Pakistan to strengthen their struggle for free and high quality education in proper buildings and classes with small groups of students, for teachers with dignified salaries and rights and education in the service of knowledge and development of the children of the working class.