Demonstrations at the offices of the European Union on Thursday, April 23 in Athens and Rome. They Drown People in the Mediterranean. Murderers-Thieves-Hypocrites are the European Imperialists


 April 20, 2015 

Athens-Rome: Demonstrations at the offices of the European Union on Thursday, April 23 

They Drown People in the Mediterranean 

MurderersThieves-Hypocrites are the European Imperialists

rodos-670x358Hundreds dead in the last days, in addition to the thousands of immigrants who died tragic deaths in search of a better life, among them many children. Imperialism has turned the Mediterranean into a vast graveyard of souls.

No one should remain indifferent towards the ongoing crime, the mass drowning of migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean.

The Greek and Italian Governments bear great responsibilities, because they actively take part in the dangerous  competitions in the area. They support the interventions of the imperialists, the EU and NATO, who bloodshed the region from Libya to Iraq and Syria as Ukraine.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees are victims of the imperialists, hostages in their claws, who use human souls as a bargaining chip to their fighting for oil, for the control of the pipelines and the markets, for the control of the region. The Mediterranean is filled with corpses, and those who do escape, are living chased by repression, the savage exploitation of the bosses, the knives of the fascists. Hypocritically the organise a Summit on Immigration, their tears are fake.

rodos-metanastes-10_0We call on trade unions, the mass organizations to demand:

  • No participation, no involvement in the imperialist interventions that take place  and to those that are being prepared
  • No worker should be blinded by the pretenses of the imperialists.
  • Insubordination in Dublin and Schengen Treaties that have transformed our country into a “warehouse of souls”, trapping people.
  • Asylum for the refugees and travel documents for them to travel wherever they want
  • Open, humane hospitality areas for the migrants and refugees. Closing down the concentration camps for refugees
  • Legalization of immigrants living and working in our country and have acquired biotic links