Big Antiimperialist Protest Attacked Brutally by the Police in Athens

The big demonstration of the people of Athens, the Unions, the organization of the people against imperialist intervention and wars, against NATO-USA, in honor of the 1973 uprising against the Dictatorship was attacked brutally and unprovoked by the police.

The demonstration, which was organized with all Health and safety measures was violently attacked by the police with Water cannons, chemicals, tear gas, flash grenades.

The police attacked MPs of the KKE (Communist Party of Greece), union leaders and arrested many cadres of PAME

The government has huge and criminal responsibilities. Today was proved that the pandemic was only a pretext as the first who ignored the measures of protection were the Government, the state and the police.

We demand the release of all arrested

We strengthen the struggle for our Health, our lives, our rights


The demonstration