USA, Shocking VIDEO: Schools-businesses, Teachers-Beggars

13.12.21 Schools businesses – Teachers Beggars. Shocking VIDEO

Schools/businesses – Teachers/Beggars. Shocking VIDEO


The rottenness and humiliation that follows the commercialization of education has no end!

This is where the measures promoted in our schools, in our children, as supposedly modernizing and innovative, the policy of converting schools into Corporations, in search of “benefactors”, “sponsors” etc.

This policy, which has been fully implemented in the US and has led to the complete dissolution of Public Education, the categorization of schools, bankruptcies and school closures, has the “proud” of the example that follows.

Teachers like beggars, like modern jesters-gladiators roll on the floor for a few dollars to meet the needs of their schools! 10 teachers in South Dakota, USA, rolled into a stadium arena to raise as many dollars as they could from a $ 5,000 donation to their schools.

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This “charitable” action took place on Saturday, December 11, at the halftime of hockey match for $ 5,000 “donated” by the mortgage company CU Mortgage Direct entitled “Dash for Cash”

Is this an example for young people? For our children? The absolute ridicule of the teacher who for the needs of his students will become a joke and will be humiliated for money that had to be provided to schools!

We will not allow this future for our children’s schools

The teaching profession is a function and has values and ideals that cannot be soiled in the arenas of dollars.


No to schools- businesses

No Teachers – Beggars

 Now generous funding and support of public education, recruitment of teachers

FISE teachers-beggars

13.12.21 Schools businesses – Teachers Beggars. Shocking VIDEO