Urgent appeal: To all Arab and Global Contact Federations. For Jerusalem … for Gaza

(PLF) demanding immediate stop the violence and killing of  Innocent peoples of  Palestine, urgent talks through the UN and the Middle East Quad to tackle the immediate causes of the violence and the underlying injustices from the Israeli occupation.

Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian Founder/Secretary General, Mrs Atia Saleem Chairperson ,Mr Asaf F Vardag President, Mr Waheed Ahmad Ch Advocate Legal Advisor  ,Mrs. Shumalia Sadiq Secretary Women Wing  Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) Rana M Akram Dy Secretary Ch Bilal Akbar Khan President (PLF) Punjab Mr Azizullha Khan Tareen President (PLF) Baluchistan strongly condemned the  Israeli airstrikes on Gaza to killed 29 Innocent Palestinian  people, including nine Children. They said that  These were launched in retaliation for rockets fired from Gaza, which injured more than 20 people. These attacks came after days of violence, in particular in Jerusalem, where hundreds of Palestinians were injured in demonstrations against forced evictions of Palestinian families by the Israeli authorities so that their houses could be handed over to Israelis. They said that  The planned evictions, if implemented, would constitute a gross violation of Israel’s obligations under international law. They strongly condemn the violence and in particular the Killings of Innocent Peoples. It is also heartbreaking to see Palestinian families facing being thrown out of their homes to make way for Israeli settlers. Yet again, the unjust and illegal occupation of Palestinian Lands, and the perpetuation of the occupation of Palestine by Israel, is the root cause. They said that “The only acceptable and sustainable solution is the full Implementation of the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions aimed at ending the occupation, with negotiations bringing about the existence of two sovereign states: Palestine and Israel..They also demanded to release Mr Ashraf Al-A’war, a Secretary of the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions, who  was illegally detained on 8 May by Israeli security forces. They also urging the Israeli court to with draw the decision for the prohibited him from taking part in any Trade Union activities they said that. “This is a completely unacceptable of harassment of a Trade Union official and clear cut violations of ILO Convention 87 & 98  on Freedom of Association. They demanding to with draw all   restriction on his Trade Union activities and must be lifted immediately,

(Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian)
Founder/Secretary General

Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF)
Affiliated with

World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)
International Federation of Asian and Africans Trade Unions (IFAATU)



Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) Pakistan National Federation of Trade Unions  (PNFTU) Peoples Trade Union Workers Federation of Pakistan (PTUWF)  and Pakistan Transport Workers Federation (PTWF) appeal to Mr Biden President USA to stop the Israel for the Killing of innocent Palestinian Peoples

Urgent appeal

To all Arab and Global Contact Federations. For Jerusalem … for Gaza

                 Comrades … fellow … brothers … sisters

On the occasion of the barbaric Zionist Israeli bombardment of our Palestinian people in Gaza, Jerusalem and all of Palestine. Children and old people are killed, and businesses and factories are destroyed. A body we turn to you sooner. O workers of the world with a mobilization, the poets and directing marches against Israel and America until it stops and withdraws from the occupied territories. .. Go back to your peoples .. Come back to your peoples and stop all forms of normalization.

Your brothers in the Worker Union Coalition – Palestine