The works of the 17th World Trade Union Congress were successfully completed

Από τη διαδήλωση στη λήξη του Συνεδρίου

With a large, militant demonstration with pulse and songs in the streets and the working class neighbourhoods of Durban, on Saturday, October 8, the works of the 17th World Trade Union Congress of the WFTU were successfully completed in South Africa.

On Friday afternoon, the last day of the Conference, the Report and the Plan of Action for the 2016-2020 of the WFTU were unanimously approved.

On Saturday morning, the South African Trade Union Congress unveiled a monument dedicated to the working class, completing a demonstration which was the practical expression of internationalism and class solidarity with the workers’ songs and slogans of South African Trade Unions accompanying the international delegations. The delegation of the FISE took part in the demonstration on Saturday with its own flags flying side by side with the flags of the unions from every corner of the world.