The teachers march from the city Bédjaia to Algiers is continuing vigorously

We welcome the fighting march of the contractual and temporary teachers initiated by Bédjaia city on March 27, 2016 to reach Algiers. Every day more than 1,000 teachers, including pregnant women, march endlessly demanding their unconditional reinstatement.
FISE, the World Federation of Teacher Unions, member of WFTU invites the trade unions of teachers to express their solidarity and support “the dignity march”, as it’s being called by the contractual teachers’ educational committee and the CLA union in Algeria.
This teachers’ march in Algiers is taking place a few days before the beginning of the long march of the unemployed organized by the Mayor of Patras in Greece together with PAME to arrive in Athens in order to protest against unemployment.
The dignity march of the teachers in Algiers, the march of the unemployed in Greece, marks a way of struggle, useful for the world trade union movement.
With militant greetings.
The Secretary.