RESOLUTIONS FISE International Teleconference March 9, 2021


FISE International Teleconference March 9, 2021

The teleconference of the World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, , which took place on March 9, 2021 with participants from Mexico, India, Sri Lanka, Senegal, Morocco, Greece, Nepal, Pakistan, Lebanon, United States, Switzerland, Chile, France, Palestine, Cyprus, Lithuania, Zimbabwe and Germany on the topics “The COVID-19 pandemic consequences on teachers and students, precarious work in the sector of educators and WFTU Campaign for the release of all Palestinian child prisoners from Israeli jails” adopted the following resolutions:

Coordinated action between FISE unions in all countries for:

  1. Defence of public, free and quality education that socially corresponds to national and popular interests, against the privatization of education.
  2. Massive recruitment of teachers and educational support and assistance staff, according to the needs of students in small groups.
  3. Stop to lay-offs and precarious working conditions for teachers and professors, all educators with full-time job, permanent contracts, dignified salaries. All unpaid teachers to receive their salaries. No to the evaluation of teachers for the purposes of the capital.
  4. New schools with adequate classrooms, maximum of 15 students per classroom, leisure areas and sports grounds, hygiene and protection measures in schools during the Pandemic.
  5. Free and open Internet so that every student can follow e-classes, provision of the necessary equipment (laptop, tablets, etc.) to students and teachers.
  6. The immediate release of all Palestinian child prisoners from Israeli jails, the protection and the respect of their rights. Children must be in schools – Not in jails!
  7. Organization of meetings for commemorating the 75th anniversary of WFTU by all unions affiliated to FISE.

In addition, the participants stressed the importance of more frequent meetings of FISE, once in every three months and unions to send their news and actions to FISE leadership