8th of March International Day Working Women’s Day

Need to talk to our students about how and why the International Working Women’s Day was established

The 8th of March is not a typical anniversary dedicated to women. It is the day that marks the struggles of working women, of the working class women, for their liberation and emancipation  from the exploitation and the oppression of the capitalistic employers and from each and every one of the prejudices against them. It is a lesson for our generation, as well as for the next ones, too, which shows us the way of racing claims of women’s rights all around the world. It is a day of struggles against a system, that wants women, and of course women teachers, to be half-working, half-unemployed, in accordance to the various needs of the monopoles, and to the type of school promoted.

The 8th of March was established as the International Women’s Day, in Copenhagen, in 1910, after a proposal be the German Clara Chetkin, during the B’ International Socialist Women’s Conference. The bloodstained women workers’ strike on 8 March 1857, in New York, wrote history for the international working class movement. It turned into a day of fight for the problems of the working class women.

The struggle for better working conditions, for decent salaries, for less working hours must become an example for us and our students to follow, so does the struggle of thousands of women teachers  globally, who fight every single day for the education and for the survival of the working class children, of the children beaten by poverty, by exploitation, by the HIV, by criminality. The struggle of women teachers that fight in Africa, in Asia, in America, In Europe, defying the dismissals, the punishments, the assignments, and also, the attacks.

Nowadays, teachers, men and women, have the obligation to stand up for our claims, to guide the next generation, to teach our students the truth, to teach them the history of the struggles, with respect to the blood of the militants who wrote it, and not in a way that suits the capitalists and the monopoles.

Unless teachers do say the truth, the non-governmental organization, the charity organization and the churches’ programmes won’t say it either. Governmental projects won’t teach those things, school books won’t include them. The capitalists do whatever they can, so that they vanish anything that refers to working class struggles and awakens consciences.

We are responsible for ourselves and for our students. He have to for a decent future life for them. For a future life with education, work, well-being for us and our children. For a future, where the producers of the wealth will be in charge and will take utmost advantage of the knowledge and the education for the shake of the humanity, and not for the monopoles’ profits.

We have to teach our students that the inequality is a class term, and that it is not overcome with words and promises. That it cannot be abolished through women’s fights against men, but through the working class’ struggle against the capitalistic system. Through the struggle against those who let us without a job, without electric current, without heating, without food, doctors and medicines, without schools for our children, without hope for the young people from the working class families.

Though the struggle for schools, which can service the needs for complete and normal growth and development of the students, for schools and universities, where the students are taught the truth, the way to abolish the class-based exploitation and the way to gain a real equality for women.