From the march of protests and anger of women and men in education in the streets of Tangier, Thursday, October 26, 2023, within the framework of “National Coordination for the Education Sector”

Rabat on October 26, 2023
In accordance with the unitary struggle program approved by “the National Coordination of the Education Sector”, the national strike of October 24, 25 and 26, 2023 was a great success with the broad involvement of women and men in education. all categories in the protests (Sit-ins and marches) in front of the provincial or regional directorates of national education, today, Thursday October 26, 2023.
The National Committee for “National Coordination of the Education Sector”, while proudly noting the massive protests throughout our country:
1. Salutes the education workers for prevailing in the spirit of unity and for their involvement in the program of struggle for national coordination, and congratulates them on the resounding success of the national strike in the education sector education on October 24, 25 and 26, 2023, and their participation in the protests in large squares, streets and in front of provincial and regional education directorates, on the third day of the national strike;
2. Appreciates the unitary spirit which prevailed in the demonstrations and is proud of the predominance of the spirit of solidarity and commitment in all unionist struggles capable of seizing rights and demands and overturning reactionary plans , the plans of tragedies and oppression;
3. Emphasizes the continuation of the unitary approach to the educational battle of workers of all categories for the sake of dignity and social justice, the realization of just and legitimate, general and fractional demands, and the overthrow of the new status of education officials, which perpetuates injustice and discrimination, and even prevails in the control of logic and immerses the teacher in tasks that have nothing to do with his functions..;
4. Warns the Ministry of National Education against any reprisals against women and men in education, as well as any attack on their constitutional right to strike, which is guaranteed to them by all international laws and conventions and national.
5. Underlines the absence of extension of the national strike of Friday October 27, 2023;
6. She calls on educational workers to continue to mobilize in a spirit of solidarity to carry out the program of struggle:
1) Continue protests during rest periods during the remaining days of the week, boycotting all training, withdrawing from institutional councils, clubs and WhatsApp groups of institutions and wearing black badges throughout throughout the week;
2) Organize information and mobilization campaigns in workplaces from Monday October 30, 2023 to Saturday November 4, 2023;
3) Launch of a national general strike on Tuesday and Wednesday November 7 and 8, 2023, accompanied by a centralized national march in Rabat from Parliament to the Ministry of National Education, Tuesday November 7, 2023, from 11 a.m. , while continuing the protests during the break, for the rest of the week;
4) As for support executives: boycott 38-hour work and work only 24/21 hours (depending), boycott all general supervision missions (day school or boarding school) and all tasks added by ministerial decisions which escape control. the competence of support staff, and boycott school championships for physical education teachers;
For the National Committee of “National Coordination of the Education Sector”