WFTU statement of the International Elders Day

The World Federation of Trade Unions, the militant and class voice of more than 105 million workers from 133 countries of the 5 continents expresses its solidarity with the retirees and pensioners all over the world on the occasion the International Elders Day. Moreover, we salute the militant initiative of the TUI P&R to organize the 7th World Day of Actions for the strengthening of the struggle of pensioners and the working class as a whole, for the satisfaction of their contemporary needs.

This strengthening is closely related to the consolidation of relationships and activities between active workers as well as retirees, so as to promote our struggles, which have the common goal of better living conditions for the labor force of past and now, and that have as a common enemy, the capitalist system that creates imperialism and consequently crisis and poverty, for the great majority of humanity. For this reason, the title of this Manifesto constitutes the slogan that we must promote: “The class unity of active and retired people”

The pensioners have been already victims of capitalist exploitation throughout their working years. Now they are victims both of the assault on pension funds, and of discrimination, due to the condition of being elderly, and for dragging different health problems, which are mostly the result of appalling living conditions to which they are subjected. Obviously, in exchange for increasing the millionaire profits for the bourgeoisie and the transnationals, after increasing the labor exploitation rates.

The just struggle of Pensioners, who are an integral part of the working class, is a struggle of the whole international class-oriented trade union movement and we call the WFTU affiliates to support and strengthen the 7thWorld Day of Action of the TUI P&R.