Welcoming letter from the teachers of PAME for the teachers’ strike in Italy

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Welcoming letter from the teachers of PAME
For the teachers’ strike in Italy 

Dear colleagues,

The teachers of PAME in Greece welcome the teachers strike in Italy, which is organized by the USB, Base Trade Union.

We express our solidarity with your fair struggle against the commercialization, the privatization of schools and of the generalization of the flexible working relations of the teachers, the beating of the children’s educational rights.

The privatizations in education are the directives of the bourgeoisie and have the seal of their organizations and forums, the OECD and the EU. They want the education in every country to be an expensive merchandise for the parents, cheap for the state and profitable for the capital. They want young people to be insufficiently educated, so that they become badly paid workers. They want teachers with as few rights as possible, afraid and obedient to the directives of the capital.

We claim exclusively public and free education, with modern schools, united program, where the children van be taught the scientific and historical truth, for the workers’ children. In these schools, teachers and employees are going to have a permanent job and are going to receive salaries, which will allow them to live with dignity.

Dear colleagues,

The success of your strike may be a part of the effort for bigger, more massive and victorious struggles, not only for teachers, but for all workers. 


Athens, 23th of April 2015