We welcome the release of the Cuban Patriots


We welcome the release of the Cuban Patriots.

     To Workers’ Central Union of Cuba (CTC)

    The World Federation of Teachers’ Unions, a member of the WFTU welcomes the release of Cuban patriots who were illegally detained for years in the US because they revealed certain  organizations’  projects (supported and funded by the US Government) against Cuba.

The struggles of your people and the efforts of the global progressive labor movement brought positive results and the patriots, fighters returned to their families in Cuba.

The story  of the five patriots, the Cuban resistance to  the imperialists’ embargo , the struggles of the Cuban people are  a piece of history that is always taught   by teachers who are fighting for the rights of the working class and of all people , teachers who are organized in the unions of FISE.

Our class adversaries are trying to change the history, to rewrite it and to deduct from it anything that reminds to the new generation that imperialism is not invincible. They try to erase from the minds of the younger generation the fact that through their struggles they can take care of their own rights. It is everybody’s dept, but it is teachers ‘ especially to always keep alive the memories of   Cuban people’s  fights  and the efforts of the capitalist system to subjugate them.

    FISE through the ranks of the class trade union movement, through the WFTU will continue to fight against the blockade of Cuba by the US, against the Common Position adopted by the EU against Cuba, for the right of every people to decide for his  future.