We support the teachers’ struggle in Denmark


We support the teachers’ struggle in Denmark

One out of five schools have been shut down since 2004 till today in Denmark. The amount of students per classroom has been raised and the teachers’ work is getting more and more difficult.

At the same time, the government along with community authorities have enforced reductions in the teachers’ payment, raise of their working hours and abolition of conquered rights. The teachers are organizing massive strikes in every city in Denmark, demanding the signature of a collective agreement, that will cover their needs.

The government and the owners, trying to put an end to the teachers’ struggle, shut the schools down, adapting the method of the infamous lock out.

The Secretary of the FISE sends a solidarity message to the teachers of Denmark.

The teachers’ struggle all around the world has to be coordinated and raged along with the struggles of the working class as a whole, so that they stop paying the depts. And the consequences of the capitalistic crisis, spreading all around the world.

Fighting salutes