We demand health and safety conditions for all the students, in every school.

2The death of more than 23 students, in a school in India, on Wednesday 17/7/2013, because of a poisonous substance in their meal proves the huge responsibilities of each government for the health and the protection of all children of the working class.
It also proves that for the children of the poor popular strata, the control of their health and food, as well as their school and sports facilities control are considered to be luxury products. It is also a common phenomenon for the governments that secure the profits of the multinational companies and of the monopoles, to leave frauds make profits at the expense of little children’s lives.
FISE calls the trade unions not to stop fighting for children’s rights to health, to suitable amount of food, to clear drinking water, to housing, to clothing, to sports, to culture.
They should continue their struggle, so that the goods produced by the working class, the farmers, the scientists, the industrial workers to belong to all of us. The wealth produced by us, must belongs to us, it is ours by right and that is what we should teach in our schools.