We condemn the murders of teachers protesting in Mexico


The World Federation of Teachers Unions, FISE, member of WFTU sends a message of solidarity to the teachers, parents, students who are struggling. It condemns the murderous policy of the Mexican government which made a new attack during the weekend 18 to 19 June against teachers, parents and students in Notsichtlan of the southern Oaxaca state, where they are continuing for around three years now, questioning the government’s “reforms” in Education and the new evaluation and hiring process of teachers.

The attack of the Mexican police, conducted with the support of the government and the President of Mexico Enrique Nieto, resulted in the death of at least eight protesters and the injury of over 100 more people.

FISE invites the organizations of teachers to express their solidarity and to condemn the anti-educational, anti-labor, terrorist and murderous policy of the Mexican government. The struggle of teachers in Mexico against the evaluation, against the education that is subordinated to the interests of the multinationals and capitalists, should continue. It is necessary to strengthen the solidarity and the support of all workers. It is necessary to express the outrage of the unions against the murders, the arrests, the persecution of the trade unionists and workers.