We condemn the murderous attack in Nice, France

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The World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, condemns the new murderous attack which resulted in dozens of dead and hundreds of injured people, in Nice, in France and expresses its deepest condolences to the families of the victims and to the French people.
We denounce and we hold responsible the economic and political forces that support the intensification of the imperialist competitions, interventions and wars. The governments that met in Warsaw and decided together the reinforcement of the NATO and the strengthening of the military interventions in the Middle East.
 The trade unions around the world have the obligation to condemn the imperialist interventions. To draw conclusions about the attitude of the ITUC, the SES, the IE that support the imperialists. On the one hand they condemn the executioners and on the other hand they declare allegiance to the forces that put the weapons in the hands of them who spread the death.
     FISE, together with the WFTU will continue the struggle against imperialist attacks which spread the death, they remove working rights, insurance, social rights, they strengthen the terrorism, the xenophobia, the racism.

We continue the fight against terrorism, against the imperialist forces that arm the terrorists.