Violation of Palestinians’ Human Rights and Trade Union Liberties by the State of Israel

The World Federation of Trade Unions addresses to the international community in order to inform that on June 13 2013, the Israeli occupation forces arrested comrade trade unionist Hussein Agrabesh, Deputy General Secretary of the General Union of Palestinian Workers, on his way home after attending the 102nd International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Immediately, the General Union of Palestinian Workers contacted Palestinian lawyers who tried to get in touch with him, but the Israeli occupation forces have prohibited him any contact with the outside world. They haven’t informed yet anybody about the charges he’s facing. All we know is that he’s interviewed at the Petah Tikva Detention Center, in isolation and meeting him is forbidden.

This attitude of the Israeli state is clearly violating the Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise Convention, 1948 (No.87) of the ILO, ratified by Israel as well.

Thereat, the WFTU demands the immediate intervention of the International Labour Organization for the release of the Palestinian Trade unionist and the condemnation of the daily terrorist Israeli attacks against Palestinian trade unionists.

George Mavrikos

 General Secretary of the WFTU