Video FISEs web meeting on October 2

Dear Comrades, Warm Greetings and Best Wishes to all of you  on the  Happy Occasion of World Teachers Day. On 2nd October World Federation of Teachers Union FISE  celebrated it with  a digital  discussion on  “Current  Reality of Education  and the  Struggle of  Teachers.” FISE  Vice president Chriousla Lampoudi successfully  coordinated the  discussion. Com.Deba Roy ,the  Secretariat member of World Federation of Trade Union  delivered a very  powerful message  and appealled to FISE  to Struggle against  Corporate  take over of  education  and to  fight for a  society free from exploitation and domination. Office bearers of FISE and  participants of  different countries  expressed their  strong opinion  to  Struggle for a democratic,secular,scientific,socialistic and inclusive education system across the globe. The  deliberation also  focused on the attack on democratic rights and  attempt to  restructure  curriculum in  different parts of the globe. The meeting concluded with a  general appeal to strengthen FISE and  carry out the  ideas of World Federation of Trade Union and FISE to  democratise education and to save the world from the  monopoly of  dangerous forces of Globalisation.President FISE  Dr.Amiya Kumar Mohanty summed up the discussion and urged everybody to make FISE Vibrant and Meaningful.
Long Live World Federation of Trade Union
Long  Live FISE.
Amiya Kumar Mohanty, President World Federation of Teachers Union FISE.