USB: successful school strike, two important days of struggle

The strike, the joint demonstrations of students and workers throughout Italy, the media and public attention on the reopening of schools, the breaking of the unanimous rhetoric of “everything will go well”, the breaking of a climate of social passivity that had lasted for months, are the political results of the work of USB and all the political and trade unions that have set up this courageous path.

A part of the school world has finally chosen to take the floor, to say that it is necessary to get out of the emergency management and ask the question of structural interventions on building and organic, on teaching models, on the very meaning of schooling, on the perspective of building a different society.

From today we start again, putting school by school the theme of security, the right to study, the necessary growth of awareness of a general function that teachers must recognize, because only on this level it is possible to combine defense of the material condition and cultural growth to the country.
The school as an instrument of emancipation and escape from the crisis of civilization in which we are immersed, this is the goal.

To be pursued within an overall project of social transformation that puts the world of work at the center and offers tools to the weakest and most exploited social sectors.