USB called school strike 24th and 25th of September

USB called school strike 24th and 25th of September

USB has proclaimed the strike 24th and 25th of September, to ask the guarantee to all school workers and students to return to the classroom safely, to find adequate and healthy spaces, to have all teachers on duty from day one, to conduct real lessons, in presence, without risk.

It’s much more than that: the reopening of the schools is a test for the government to demonstrate the effective ability to manage the crisis situation in which we find ourselves.

Two days of strike, students, teachers and school staff all mobilizing, can represent a first indication of the need to open a season of struggles throughout the country.

It is certainly for this reason that there is a multiplication of attacks on our proclamation of strike.

The school is the plastic representation of the society: whether aimed at achieving private wealth or a universal perspective that puts collective interests and the rational government of economic and cultural policy choices at the center.

In the months since the beginning of the health emergency, the Ministry of Education has not made the only, simple, choices to be made: recruitment (both precarious staff already in force and new staff) and adaptation of the school building.

The school, like the rest of the public administration, needs teaching staff but also non-teaching staff, hired for an indefinite period, it is appropriate that the precarious staff is stabilized.

The pandemic has highlighted that choices other than those aimed at the profit of private individuals are mandatory, if you want a fair society, this will be possible only if we make sure to reverse the course.

The strike of 24 and 25 can be a first step.

24th demonstration in front of Ministry.

25th demonstrations in many italian cities.

We cannot be passive, only our struggles can change the situation.

USB International department

USB called school strike 24th and 25th of September