USB called a national strike in the sectors Health, Transport, School and Educational Services for the 25th of November

On 25 November: Strike of Health, Transport, School and Educational Services.
Let’s build the future!

USB called a national strike in the sectors Health, Transport, School and Educational Services for the next 25th of November.

Four strategic sectors in the life of the country decide that it is time to mobilise together. 25th of November will be a day of USB strikes for workers in Local Public Transport, Schools, and Public Health, who are once again being subjected to a gruelling pace and serious risks to their health and safety.

In none of these sectors the experience of the first phase of the emergency has produced the necessary change of pace compared to stable recruitment of staff and funding to implement all the changes that the Covid-19 “lesson” clearly indicated. Moreover, what has been completely lacking is above all integrated planning work for these services.

It was clear that with the reopening of the schools in September, the contagion curve would grow again. The constant reappropriation of competences between State, Regions and Municipalities, the absence of any mass screening project, the guilty lack of a political direction able to counter the ferocious objectives of Confindustria and the productive world that wants to remain open at all costs, to the detriment of health and safety, the absence of universal income and protection measures for the groups of workers most affected by the crisis, all this has plunged us into a situation out of control that we no longer want to passively accept.

Each of these essential services must be put in a position to guarantee the constitutional rights for which it has reason to be – health, education and education for all – and cannot become a place of uncontrolled transmission of the virus.

In order to reverse the course, to put collective interests back at the centre, to change social priorities, it is necessary to claim rights, stable employment, financing, but it is necessary to think of a different model of society, which we wanted to summarise in a formula: New role and function of the State.

A State that is not the business committee of the bourgeoisie, but the place where the interests of the population become organic and determine the political choices for the common welfare.

We no longer accept the refrain on the money that is missing, USB has also made a detailed proposal for the use of the Recovery Fund funds in a booklet significantly entitled “Let’s build the future”, which is also a summary of the paths of claim and proposal of the sectors involved.

Against the lockdown of the owners we propose a plan to secure and strengthen essential public services, those that serve everyone, those that must become the heart of the management of this dramatic phase today, and tomorrow of its overcoming.