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USB express solidarity to the struggle of Teleperfomance Workers in Greece

Dear comrades of SETIP, Teleperformance Call Center workers

We express our full support for your just fight in defence of the dignity, individual and collective rights of workers.

Teleperfomance has a company policy well known for its arrogance and systematic attack on the working conditions of its employees, aimed at forcibly imposing high rhythms and intimidating the workers themselves.

Today Teleperfomance, but generally all Call Center companies exploit the Covid 19 pandemic to gain additional space to the detriment of workers.

The use of smart working, instead of being an exceptional tool to reduce the possibility of contagion of workers, is being cowardly exploited by Teleperfomance to transform our homes into an extension of corporate space.

The use of cameras, the evaluation of individual performance, are instruments of control, pressure and blackmail on the individual worker, which make the power of the ruling class even more arbitrary. They are systems and practices that we reject in call centre ghettos and we cannot accept them entering our homes.

The other objective is to prevent workers from thinking and acting collectively on their working conditions. According to the bosses, they can make cartels and hold meetings while the workers have no trade union rights.

USB is like Setip and PAME, part of the World Trade Union Federation, and in the next period we will be increasingly called upon to strengthen the international unity of workers.

We recognize ourselves in your struggle, we are part of one front, we give voice and strength to our ideas.

Hands off our lives, rights, work, real wages and full trade union freedoms!!!

Rome 2/4/2020

USB Private Work TLC-Call Center Sector

USB express solidarity to the struggle of Teleperfomance Workers in Greece -1