Union of Workers in Private Education “Byron”, Athens: Freedom For Palestinian Children From The Israeli Prisons

Freedom For Palestinian Children From The Israeli Prisons

We Support The Campaign Of The World Federation Of Trade Unions



On January 1, 2021, the WFTU International Campaign for the Release of 4,500 Palestinian Political Prisoners from Israeli Prisons, of which more than 155 are children, began. The state of Israel not only violates their rights, but does not provide them with any protection for their health, no protection against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since 2000, some 12,000 Palestinian children, even 6-year-olds, have been arrested by Israeli occupation forces and held in Israeli military prisons. Israel brings 500-700 Palestinian children to military courts each year, with an average of 200-300 children being held in Israeli jails each month.

The children were violently arrested, abused, interrogated for weeks, intimidated, locked up in solitary confinement, asked to sign documents in Hebrew they do not understand, they are not allowed to see their parents, who sometimes lose track of them because children are transferred from prison to prison.

In violation of International Law, despite the signing of the 4th Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilians in Time of War and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which provides for special protection measures for children in detention, Israel is the only country that puts children on trial in military courts. Even when released, the children face problems with their physical and mental health due to the conditions of detention in Israeli prisons.


We denounce this criminal behaviour and we express our solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners, especially the imprisoned children. We join our voices to defend the freedom and rights of the children of the world, to defend the interests of the Palestinian people, the workers of all countries, against any injustice and criminal acts against their workers and their families.

As part of the initiatives taken by the unions of all countries, we urge each colleague to share the video attached to his students, to invite them to reflect on the source of this horror.

We propose to collect material for the construction of digital collage, in order to post it as a sign of solidarity on the page of WFTU. Our youngest students can draw, the older ones can express their thoughts in a sentence and send them to us by mail.

Freedom for Palestinian children in Israeli prisons

Freedom for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails fighting for freedom of their homeland