Tribute to Prof.Mrinmoy Bhattacharya

Tribute to Prof. Mrinmoy Bhattacharya 
A great  luminary,pioneer and path breaker in the national and international Teachers movement, has  left us after prolonged illness in his residence at Kolkata on21st November evening. His passing  away in a very critical juncture o India and  world  where his dream of inclusive education as an instrument to end exploration and discrimination, is  being seriously threatened by the  honeymoon of corporate and fundamentalist forces,is an irreparable loss. A committed Marxist, progressive economist,erudite scholar, fiery orator, he not only dominated his age  and  now  has beacon light for the posterity.He dominated his age as the General Secretary of All India Federation of University and College Teacher’s 0rganisation (1980-1999),General Secretary of World Federation of Teacher’s Union FISE (1998-2007.) and the founding father of All India Federation of Retired University and College Teacher’s 0rganisation from  its  inception. Even after his retirement from active Teacher politics, he  relentlessly tried to bring  social, economic and  cultural transformation by  forming an  organization  namely Association of Concerned Teachers.He has also proud distinction of being honored by the Bangladesh Government for his out standing contribution towards the liberation of Bangladesh. His unwavering commitment, fiery spirit in worst and advese situation to  struggle foreward, finds powerful reflection in his  own  memory book “Never to Give up”.
Prof.Mrinmoy Bhattacharya is  now no more with us to mortally guide,inspire and push us to struggle.However his ideas and ideals,his dreams and vision, will continue to inspire all  and will  be a pole star to throw  light  amidst darkness. Let his noble thought and ideas pervade all over the globe and  facilitate the  victory of socialism.
Long Live Mrinmoy Bhattacharya
Long Live His ideals.
Amiya Kumar Mohanty President World Federation of Teacher’s Union FISE