“European programs”, with the financing of the E.U. take place at schools. Among them, there are:
The European Program Jean Monnet, entitled “Learning about the European Union at school”. The main objective of this program seems to be, according to them, “the presentation of the events, relevant to the European Union to the students, as well as their familiarization to the its institutions and its function”.
The program “Let ’s become Euro deputies”. The aim of this program is that “the students get their awareness raised, think and work on projects important to the society as a whole, and to themselves as tomorrow’s European citizens, especially during a period that the E.U. is tested.”

It is essential to point out that, last year, the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the E.U., organized festivals at schools, in order to “honor” the 20 years of existence of the European Union. The slogan of that shameful propaganda had the title “20 years European Union, what’s gained, what’s lost”!

It is obvious that the goal of such programs is the sanctification of the alliance of the wolves of the E.U., in both the students’ and the teachers’ conscience, in any way possible.

It is a provocation! At the same time that our people suffer, as a result of the barbaric policy of the monopoles, the E.U. and the government , the oppressors poison the minds of the children. Those who say “ no to parties, no to politics” in schools, organize festivals in favor of the imperialist organizations, that hit the peoples.

Those programs aren’t innocent! They promote the strategy of the E.U. on education. This strategy is summarized in a few phrases: “The financing in the education and the professional training sector, for the development of certain skills is essential for the reinforcement of the development and the competivity. The European systems of education and professional training are behind the needs of the necessary skills securing for the employment rate, and they don’t cooperate enough with the enterprises and the employers, so that they engage the educational procedure to the working environment reality.

The lack of equivalence mentioned lead to increasing worry about the competivity of the European industry”. (European Commission, Replaning of the education: investing on skills for better social-economic results, November 2012).

Besides, for this reason, the implementation of the European programs will constitute the main evaluation criterion of the school and the educational activity. Every step towards the implementation of this strategy clears the way to a new hit to the students’ and the teachers’ rights,

We condemn this propaganda of the imperialist organizations at schools.