There is no common interest in the women of the bourgeois and the women of the working class. Long live the March 8th

There is no common interest in the women of the bourgeois and the women of the working class

The World Federation of Teachers’ Unions FISE sends warm militant greetings, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day to the women working in education,  unemployed teachers women, women pensioners,  to the young mothers, to the young women in university and school. It particularly salutes women refugees and immigrants

Labor exploitation, employers’ terrorism and the dismissals of women, the abuse of women, are clear signs of the rotten system of capitalism, whose base is the exploitation.

The rights of women gained in the past through decades of class-oriented struggles are being abolished rapidly.

Racial and class discriminations continue to exist in all aspects of economic, social, cultural life of women, since they are the source of additional profit for capital.

They are being used by bourgeois governments globally for the competitiveness of monopolies. The standard of living of women in the working class is continuously aggravated.

For us, the problem of women inequality is first and foremost a class issue. The bourgeois parties – social democratic and liberal – and the compromised trade unions are using the racial discriminations to hide the fact that women inequality is a class issue. There are no common interests between the women of the bourgeois and the women of the proletariat, and there can be no solidarity between women that impose oppression and those who are subjected to it. Merkel does not have the same interests or the same problems as any German working woman. Racial oppression is the consequence of the class oppression and of the corresponding division of labor. Therefore, the emancipation of women can only be achieved when the whole working class will be emancipated.

Let me remind you that the October Revolution, by abolishing the classes, abolished at the same time and the women inequality by giving her the privileges she is entitled to. Stable work with rights, social security, health, full maternity support and education. All these remain unresolved nowadays; all these are the issues that the class-oriented trade unions and the World Federation of Trade Unions are fighting for.

We struggle against  the governments that support class exploitation. Our goal is the largest organization of women of our class in the class-oriented trade unions. Our aim is to strengthen the struggles for rights at work, social security, maternity protection. For a life without poverty, unemployment, wars, refugees.

FISE fights for the abolition of the class women inequality.
Both in teachers and in education. It is tragic in 2018, to exist girls, women who are excluded from education just because they are female.

employees in education Women and men together in the struggle against the exploitation.

Long live the March 8th