The WFTU condemns the continuing military invasion of Turkey in Syria

17 Oct 2019

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) strongly condemns the continuing aggression and military invasion led by Turkey against Syria, which has led to hundreds of dead civilians and new waves of uprooted persons.

We also reject the position of the International Organizations which did not condemn this new aggression against the People of Syria, verifying that their concern about the human rights and civilians’ protection is hypocritical.

Erdogan seeks to control the Kurds of North-Eastern Syria, so as to serve in a better way his geopolitical and economic goals, while other imperialist forces pretend to care about the Syrian people’s rights while in fact they are trying to secure their own interests and business that they develop in Syria and the Middle East.

We firmly express our internationalist solidarity with Syrian workers and people and with workers of all nationalities who live in Syria. We demand the end of the military invasion, the respect of the right of the Syrian people to decide on their own about their present and future, without foreign interference and imperialist wars!

The Secretariat