“The Teachers’ corner”’ of the European Union: Rewriting History and Justifying the E.U. Barbarism

riseUp2“The Teachers’ corner”’ of the European Union:
Rewriting History and Justifying the E.U. Barbarism

Recently, the European Parliament has approved the report on “learning about the E.U. at school”. As a matter of fact, for years the union of monopolies has developed a series of educational material proposed to teachers, as a tool of the EU propaganda mechanism, which already operates in various ways at schools. An example is the attempt to present the 9th of May, the day that the peoples crashed  fascism – Nazism, as the ” day of Europe” to erase the decisive contribution of the Soviet Union.

We leafed through the category “our best teaching material” of the educational material that is posted on the website “The Teachers’ corner”’ of the European Union and is proposed for the current school year. This is a real “corner” of anticommunism – of the attempt to rewrite history and of the “justification” of the E.U. barbarism.

In the pages of the brochure “let’s explore Europe” (published 2014) for children aged 9 – 12, this is how the countries where the working class had built socialism are described: «For many years, the eastern and western countries of Europe had been kept apart. The leaders in the eastern part believed in a system of government called ‘Communism’, which resulted in a hard life for the population there».

These were the words they used to hide the truth; i.e. that the children, the youth in the countries where socialism had been built had so many rights that the children living in the EU “paradise” will never even imagine.

And the “fairytale” of anticommunism continues in the next lines of the brochure: “People were oppressed, and many of those who spoke up against the regime were sent to prison. When more and more people fled from the east to the west, leaders of the eastern countries became afraid. They erected tall fences and high walls, like the one in Berlin, to prevent people from leaving their country. Many who tried to cross the border without permission were shot”.

This is how the E.U. speaking. The E.U. where in its member states Communist Parties, communists and communist symbols are prosecuted, where the right to strike is being abolished and measures against peoples’ rights are taken. The E.U. that took part to the imperialist interventions all over the world, which raises barriers and detention centers for the refugees created by their own interventions.

The children will also “learn” from the brochure that after 1989 “the peoples of the central and eastern parts of Europe chose for themselves new governments that got rid of the old, strict Communist system. They were free at last! It was a wonderful time for celebration.”

The same propaganda is included in the pamphlet titled “Europe in a nutshell“(ages 12 to 15) where we read: «In 1989, countries from central and eastern Europe were set free from Communist rule. The terrible separation between the eastern and western parts of Europe, the ‘Iron Curtain’, ceased to exist. The countries that had gained freedom reformed their laws and economies and joined the EU”. And the capitalists lived happily ever after…

Anticommunism is joined with the effort to “rinse” the imperialist character of the E.U. Going through the pages of the brochure titled “Europe – A journal for young people” (for children aged 15 and over) we learn that “the European Union helps us by shaping our personal lives according to our own aspirations”!!! Apparently, that is what is happening to the 6 million 15-years old children that leave school early throughout E.U., the 7.5 million unemployed young people aged 15 – 24 or the hundreds of thousands of young people in our country who are unemployed or work with small wages and no rights.

The brochure calls the E.U. teenagers to endorse and adopt the values of the monopolies, to understand and contribute to the international competition against other imperialist centers, because that is the “challenge” that the E.U. economies face: «Goods, capital, ideas and information cross borders very quickly; they are available everywhere thus creating the global competition. This has direct implications for us: For a company in France, what matters is no longer only what its competitors in its country or over the Pyrenees in Spain have to offer. It also has to consider what is being manufactured and in what price in China, the United States or India, and it must be able to compete this price – either by offering its products in the same low price or by producing goods that will be more expensive but in a better quality”.

So, according to the above, the future workers should accept to sacrifice their rights. I.e. wages of starvation in order for the monopolies to be competitive and the school will prepare the working class children to accept the same working conditions that India has.

In the teachers corner there is also “A short guide of the euro”, a booklet published in 2015 for ages 15 years and over. We read that “The euro and the Economic and Monetary Union – EMU aim at allowing our economies to function more efficiently and effectively, ultimately offering the European citizens more jobs and greater prosperity.”

According to the same booklet, “Sound public finances are not the only key to having a thriving economy in the euro area. The crisis also revealed the need for a new approach to the regulation of financial services and for closely monitoring financial market developments. New surveillance instruments have also been established to make sure that euro area countries adopt economic policies that ensure competitiveness and promote growth as well as jobs. Prevention is better than cure, and these new surveillance instruments also aim to prevent damaging bubbles in housing markets”. Memorandums that ruin the lives, the present and the future of peoples, measures of major cruelty that the E.U. capital demanded for years, now appear as promising measures for the prosperity of the peoples. They try to make children see the reality from the monopolies’ point of view, instead of their own interest.

Every parent that doesn’t tolerate his children to being taught with lies, every school teacher that feels that it’s his obligation to teach the truth, every student that doesn’t compromise with a future without rights, must stand up against the attempt of the monopolies to manipulate youth.